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The Yankees make NO moves at the Trade Deadline and they officially BROKE my brain…

What are we doing here Brian?

EVERYONE in the world knows that ONE of the BIG reasons holding the Yankees BACK right now is their starting pitching and with the Trade Deadline at 4 PM ET today, the Yankees made ZERO trades today to IMPROVE their roster for the Stretch run and that makes NO sense to me.

The CURRENT starting rotation that the Yankees have is NOT going to get the job done in October and IF the Yankees think that they are going to get BACK Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery BEFORE September than they are DELUSIONAL because NEITHER pitcher has advanced in the REHAB process enough to be ready in LESS than a month.

I have NO idea what Brian Cashman is thinking right about now. I guess they are going to go with a TON of bullpen arms in the Postseason, but that has NEVER been done before and the Yankees are NOT exactly a team that has the LEVERAGE to EXPERIMENT with a NEW strategy this fall.

I am USUALLY siding with the Yankees and Cashman when it comes to QUESTIONABLE moves but there is NO explanation for this because they SHOULD have signed guys like Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuchel, AND Trevor Bauer but have NONE of them on their roster right now and that makes NO sense to me.

The ONLY way that Cashman can get out of this is IF the Yankees WIN the World Series this season, because it was RIGHT THERE for the Yankees and right now it CERTAINLY looks like they WHIFFED at the chance of SECURING a BIG piece that would have made them the PROHIBITIVE favorites to WIN the World Series.

The Yankees are CURRENTLY playing the Arizona Diamondbacks being DOWN so things are really MISERABLE for the Yankees and I HATE IT…


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