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The Yankees DESPERATELY need a Starting Pitcher

PLEASE get on the phone and make some DEALS Brain Cashman

There are LESS than 24 hours to go till the MLB Trade Deadline and it is OBVIOUS to EVERYONE in baseball that the Yankees NEED a starting pitcher after their TERRIBLE starting pitching performance this past weekend in Boston against the Red Sox. The Yankees are NINE games UP in the division so it would be a CATASTROPHE if they MISSED the Postseason, BUT they NEED to find a pitcher that is going to be the ACE of the staff in the Postseason IF they want to WIN their 28th World Series CHAMPIONSHIP this season.

Yankees vs Red Sox Series RECAP:

INSTEAD of the USUAL game by game RECAP, I am just going to SUM UP the series in ONE sentence for the first THREE games of the series: The Starting Pitching was AWFUL and did NOT allow the offense to REMAIN in the game and the Yankees LOST the first THREE games of the weekend to the Red Sox.

Looking to AVOID a SWEEP and the starting pitching in SHAMBLES, the Yankees needed a BIG start from the YOUNG Domingo German and he was GREAT on Sunday night. German was able to PRESERVE the lead by the offense and ended up with his THIRTEENTH win of the season, which is TIED for the MOST in the American League. This start was HUGE for German, who has EMERGED as someone the Yankees are going to RELY on during the Postseason run.

OFFENSIVELY for the Yankees, it was a TALL task to score runs on Sunday night against Chris Sale, one of the BEST pitchers in baseball BUT the Yankees have had a TON of success against him this season and on Sunday night it was Austin Romine with a MOONSHOT to get the game going.

This was a BIG hit for the Yankees who managed to get ANOTHER big hit from Didi Gregorius, who has been HOT at the plate lately.

The Yankee offense was TRASH over the weekend, but they put NINE runs on Sunday and were able to SALVAGE the LAST game of the series by AVOIDING the sweep.

AFTER the series, the Yankees are NINE up in the division so there is NO reason for the PANIC button just yet but they CLEARLY need a starting pitcher as the BEST pitcher on the staff right now is Domingo German, who is QUICKLY approaching his Innings LIMIT.

The names that are being CONSIDERED for the Yankees are guys like Robbie Ray AND Matthew Boyd, NEITHER is a GREAT pitcher that is going to work for the Yankees in the Postseason, but the Yankees are DESPERATE for a pitcher so they might have to SETTLE for an AVERAGE pitcher that is NOT going to SOLVE their WOES but time is running OUT on them to find a pitcher.

I will have a blog up on the Yankees AS SOON AS they find a pitcher between now and 4 PM ET tomorrow, but I would be SHOCKED if they do NOT end up with a starting pitcher by the Trade Deadline tomorrow.

This week, the Yankees will HOST the Arizona Diamondbacks for a QUICK two game series before the Red Sox come to the Bronx for FOUR games this weekend so there is a chance that we see the Yankees SLEEPING through this series as a LOOKAHEAD spot to the Red Sox.


Game ONE: Tonight- JA Happ vs Taylor Clarke

Game TWO: Wednesday Afternoon- Masahiro Tanaka vs Zack Greinke

PLEASE find a STARTING pitcher Brian, PLEASE…


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