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Who would have thought that this weekend’s series in Boston is a DO or DIE situation for the Red Sox against the Yankees?

It is SO MUCH fun knowing that the Yankees are going to win EVERY game EVEN if they are DOWN late in the game.

The New York Yankees have the BEST record in baseball and a TEN game lead in the AL East, so they are FIRING on ALL cylinders. This weekend they take on the THIRD place Boston Red Sox, whose season might be mathematically OVER with a POOR showing against the Yankees this weekend. For the Yankees, who are coming off a BEATDOWN of the Minnesota Twins, a PROBABLE Postseason team, this series against the Red Sox is MEANINGLESS and that is something I NEVER thought would be the case if you asked me back in April.

Yankees vs Twins Series RECAP:

Game ONE: The Yankees were coming off a LOSS in the LAST game of the weekend against the Colorado Rockies due to TERRIBLE starting pitching and that was the case AGAIN on Monday night as CC Sabathia threw a CLUNKER of a game.

The Yankee brass decided to PUNT on the game, throwing the WORST pitchers in the bullpen during the game, BUT the offense STILL managed to bring up the game TYING runner at the plate in the NINTH, but there was NO way the Yankees were going to WIN with that AWFUL pitching by CC, who is starting to ALARM me because he has NOT been great LATELY and that HAS to WORRY the Yankee front office.

Game TWO: Tuesday night’s game was CRAZY, I did a FULL recap of the game, so read that HERE. The SHORT recap of the game is that the pitching was TRASH again, this time the starter was Domingo German and the bullpen was TRASH as well, BUT the offense NEVER gave up and the Yankees won on a GREAT catch by Aaron Hicks.

Game THREE: After ALMOST losing the series on Tuesday night, the Yankees were going for the series WIN on Wednesday and JA Happ STUNK again putting the Yankees BEHIND again. This offense LOVES to play from behind so they came BACK to take the LEAD thanks to a BIG triple by Mike Tauchman.

Tauchman has been GREAT lately and has EMERGED himself in the conversation of an EVERYDAY outfielder. The Yankees currently have FOUR outfielders on the roster in Hicks, Tauchman, Brett Gardner, AND Aaron Judge. Cameron Maybin, who is on the DL is NOT far from coming BACK so that makes FIVE players BATTLING for THREE positions and there is the BIG elephant in the room which is Clint Frazier, who is the SECOND best offensive player among the SIX outfielders behind Judge, but Clint is ROTTING in the Minors because there is NO place for him to play on the BIG League squad. With the trade deadline coming NEXT Thursday, the Yankees might be MORE likely to trade Clint since they have REINFORCEMENTS for his spot in Tauchman and Maybin.

The Yankees were able to HOLD ON to WIN the game thanks to GREAT bullpen efforts by Nestor Cortes Jr. AND Tommy Kahnle. Aroldis Chapman came in to get the SAVE which was SURPRISING due to TERRIBLE outing on Tuesday night.

All in all the Yankees have BEAT UP on the Twins in the last FIFTEEN years and CONTINUE to do so now. It looked like the Twins MIGHT have OVERCOME their FEARS against the Yankees, but this series shows that is NOT the case YET.

The Yankees have been AMAZING when they are playing from BEHIND this season. Here a COUPLE of GREAT stats from the Yankees this season.

These stats show just how AMAZING the Yankees have been this season when TRAILING and it tells us to NEVER count them out because they ALWAYS have a RALLY in their bones.

The ONE big thing that is CONCERNING me right now with the Yankees is their starting pitching as all FIVE pitchers were TRASH in their last go around starting with Masahiro Tanaka on Saturday ending with JA Happ last night. Tanaka is on the mound tonight in Boston so MAYBE they have TURNED the corner and can pitch A LOT better this time around.

The Yankees NEED to find a GREAT starting pitcher between NOW and the Trade Deadline right about a Week from NOW. They are being RUMORED to PURSUING Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays, who will a GOOD pitcher is NOT the GREAT pitcher the Yankees need. I personally think that GREAT pitchers is NOT on the market and the Yankees NEED guys like James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka to STEP UP and pitch GREAT down the stretch AND in the Postseason.

This weekend, the Yankees will play the Red Sox who are ELEVEN games BEHIND the Bronx Bombers in the standings. It is a MUST WIN series for the Red Sox, while anything OTHER than a Red Sox SWEEP this weekend is FINE for the Yankees. IDEALLY, you would like the Yankees to WIN the series but the BIG lead in the division makes it possible for them to PUNT the series, but knowing the Yankees mindset this season, they are going to try and BURY the Red Sox this weekend.


Game ONE: Tonight- Rick Porcello vs Masahiro Tanaka

Game TWO: Friday Night- Andrew Cashner vs James Paxton

Game THREE: Saturday LATE Afternoon- Eduardo Rodriguez vs CC Sabathia

Game FOUR: Sunday Night- Chris Sale vs Domingo German


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