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That game took FIFTEEN years OFF my life

I almost NEVER do SINGLE game RECAPS for the Yankees but tonight’s game WARRANTS one as it was BY FAR the BEST game of the season and the Bronx Bombers BEAT the Minnesota Twins in TEN innings in a WILD game from START to FINISH. BOTH teams BLEW the lead TWICE in the game and it was a MIRACLE catch by Aaron Hicks that SAVED the game for the Yankees and got them a MUCH NEEDED WIN. Here is EVERYTHING that happened during this FIVE hour INSTANT CLASSIC game.

The Yankees had LOST the FIRST game of the series on Monday night due to TERRIBLE pitching and NEEDED a FAST start on Tuesday night and with TWO runners on base, Didi Gregorius provided that SPARK for the Yankees.

Didi was NOT even CLOSE to being DONE in the game as he had ONE of the BEST games of his career on Tuesday night.

Domingo German was on the mound for the Yankees and he was TRASH on Tuesday, he was able to ESCAPE giving up NO runs in the FIRST inning but IMPLODED from that point and was charged with EIGHT runs in the game as the Yankees were down 8-2 after FOUR innings.

Looking for ANOTHER spark, the Yankees were RALLYING in the FIFTH inning when Didi came in CLUTCH once again and kept the game CLOSE for the Yankees. We have ALL seen this team come back from DEFICITS throughout the season and Didi’s home run was a BIG push in that direction.

DESPITE the Didi home run, the Twins were able to COAST to a 9-5 going into the EIGHTH inning which is when things went HAYWIRE in Minnesota.

The Yankees had TWO runners on base for Mike Tauchman who BARELY missed a THREE run home run, INSTEAD just ONE runner crossed the plate for the Yankees who had runners on SECOND and THIRD for the TOP of the lineup with NO outs.

After Aaron Hicks was NOT able to get a hit there, MORE on him LATER, Aaron Judge hit a MOONSHOT to Center Field that MISSED being a home run by just THREE inches, but TWO runners scored for the Yankees and it was now 9-8 with just ONE out in the inning.

After Edwin Encarnacion FAILED to drive in Judge, Luke Voit drew a CRUCIAL walk and the game was in the hands of Didi ONCE AGAIN and he CAME THROUGH ONCE AGAIN.

The Yankees had come ALL the way back from being DOWN 8-2 to LEADING 10-9 going into the BOTTOM of the EIGHTH and Zack Britton came to HOLD the EIGHTH inning, but as I said this game was CRAZY and Britton gave up a MONSTER two run home run to Miguel Sano of the Twins, who took the lead into the NINTH.

There were TWO outs in the TOP of the ninth for the Yankees and Mike Tauchman was down to his FINAL strike being DOWN 1-2 in the count, BUT he was able to DRAW a BIG walk and the Yankees had SOME life and Aaron Hicks came in CLUTCH on the FIRST pitch of his at-bat.

After being DOWN 8-2, then LEADING 10-9, then being DOWN AGAIN 11-10, the Yankees were UP 12-11 going into the BOTTOM of the NINTH with their closer, Aroldis Chapman IN for the Save.

This game was ALREADY pretty wild but it got WILDER as Chapman had NOTHING working for him and he WALKED the BASES LOADED with NO outs so the Twins had the GAME WINNING runner on SECOND with NO outs and got a runner ACROSS to TIE the game on a SAC fly. LUCKILY for the Yankees, Chapman was able to get the TWO outs of the inning to keep the game TIED and we headed to EXTRAS.

In EXTRA innings, Didi got on base with his FIFTH hit of the game, he had SEVEN RBI’s in the game for the SECOND time in his career only Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio have had TWO such games for the Yankees PRIOR to Didi tonight.

Following the Didi single, Austin Romine, who came into the game to REPLACE the INJURED Gary Sanchez, got a HIT on the FIRST pitch and Gleyber Torrres came through to give the Yankees the LEAD AGAIN.

Austin Romine SCORED on a WILD pitch LATER in the game so the Yankees had the LEAD going into the BOTTOM of the TENTH with Adam Ottavino on the mound.

To RECAP, the Yankees were DOWN 8-2 after FOUR innings, UP 10-9 going into the BOTTOM of the EIGHTH, DOWN 11-10 after NINE, UP 12-11 going into the BOTTOM of the EIGHTH, TIED at 12 after NINE and now headed to BOTTOM of the TENTH UP 14-12.

Adam Ottavino STRUGGLED like EVERY other pitcher on the Yankees and after getting a COUPLE of OUTS he LOADED the bases with TWO outs in the game for the TOP of the Twins order.

NOT trying to BLOW the game for a THIRD time, manager Aaron Boone brought in Chad Green to get the FINAL out of the game and Green ALMOST gave the Twins the LEAD if NOT for ONE of the BEST catches EVER by Aaron Hicks.

This catch is EASILY going to WIN the BEST catch of this season around the MLB and AFTER that catch, the Yankees had WON 14-12 over the Twins.

This is a HUGE win for the Yankees, who had LOST their prior TWO games and their pitching staff was TRASH in their last THREE games coming into Tuesday and it was TRASH on Tuesday night as well. The Yankees have a BIG lead in the standings but they NEEDED to avoid losing THREE in a row and were able to ACCOMPLISH that.

The Twins have HISTORICALLY had ISSUES against the Yankees, but it looked like that those issues were GONE as they BEAT the Yankees on Monday night and were COASTING to a WIN on Tuesday night. With the Yankees coming BACK, those FEARS have to be BACK in the Twins’ clubhouse and that is HUGE for the Yankees as BOTH these teams are going to MAKE the Postseason and EASILY could be facing off in the Playoffs.

I am STILL coming off the HIGH of this game, even though I had about TEN Mini-Heart attacks during the game this was a HUGE win for the Yankees and now they need to WIN the series LATER Today.


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