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The BEST quarterback to play for the Jets in the last FIFTEEN years has RETIRED

We ALL want to talk about that ONE play, but the Sanchize was MORE than that to the Jets

I am NOT shocked by this announcement as FORMER New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez announced his RETIREMENT from the NFL EARLIER this morning and is going to JOIN ESPN as a College Football analyst this fall. Sanchez’s career with the Jets was HEAVILY criticized, BUT his LEGACY is aging like a FINE wine because he was the LAST quarterback to LEAD the Jets to the Playoffs and that was EIGHT years ago.

There have been NUMEROUS quarterbacks that played for the Jets BEFORE him and AFTER him, but NONE of them managed to go to the AFC Championship games in CONSECUTIVE seasons, which were Sanchez’s first TWO in the NFL.

OBVIOUSLY when he was here, we ALL hated him because he was NEVER going to be an ELITE quarterback and needed A LOT of GREAT pieces around him to SUCCEED but the FRUSTRATION of the last EIGHT seasons has caused me to RESPECT what he was able to ACCOMPLISH on a team that was DESIGNED to FAVOR the defensive unit.

The Playoff WIN in New England against the 14-2 Pats in 2011 was ONE of the BEST moments in Franchise HISTORY and those TWO runs to the Championship games are HIGHLIGHTS of my Jets fandom INFACT he was the FIRST Jets jersey I EVER bought and his FAILURE later is the reason I NEVER buy jerseys with players’ names on the back ANYMORE.

After LEAVING the Jets, he was a JOURNEYMAN bouncing around the NFL, NEVER amounting to the success he had with the Jets in his first TWO seasons.

COMPARATIVELY, he had a GREAT career as a Jets quarterback but he is going to be REMEMBERED for ONE play and we ALL know which one I am talking about. I still have HORRORS about the Thanksgiving Day game in 2012, BUT I was NOT the one that CRASHED into ANOTHER man’s backside.

The BUTT Fumble is going to be the LASTING Legacy for Mark Sanchez, but it should be MORE than that. I could DEFINITELY see him coming BACK and being HONORED by the Jets in the FUTURE because he was ONE of the BEST quarterbacks in Franchise HISTORY and that is a DEPRESSING thought.

We ALL have to HOPE that Sam Darnold can LEAD the Jets to the Playoffs in the NEAR Future and accomplish MORE than what Sanchez did in the Playoffs, which would be LIFTING the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The CURRENT New York Jets are going to be BACK in Florham Park for Training Camp in the next FEW days, so I am LOOKING FORWARD to a BIG season for the Jets this fall.


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