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The World DOMINATION that is the Yankees arrives in Minnesota this week

The Yankees are so GOOD that the rest of the regular season is going to be SUPER BORING

The New York Yankees have the FEWEST losses in baseball, they are NINE games UP in the AL East and went 7-3 in their latest HOMESTAND and now head on the road for SEVEN big games this week that can BASICALLY make the REST of the Regular Season MEANINGLESS for the Yankees, who have their goals SET to WIN their TWENTY EIGHTH championship.

Yankees vs Rockies Series RECAP

Game ONE- JA Happ was on the mound for the Yankees against the Colorado Rockies on Friday night and he fell BEHIND early in the game and it looked like the Yankee offense was going COLD again but then Edwin Encarnacion changed the MOMENTUM with ONE swing of a BAT and JA Happ got the WIN in the game.

Edwin had STRUGGLED since he arrived in the Bronx LAST month, but he was GREAT during this past homestand and it seems like he TURNED the corner and ready to BASH some baseballs to LEAD the offense.

Aaron Judge added a home run LATE in the game as the Yankees had won their FOURTH game in a row.

Game TWO: It was HOT in the Bronx this weekend and Masahiro Tanaka took the mound for the Yankees and he was GREAT through the first FIVE innings before it looked like the HEAT got to him. Tanaka was CRUISING with a SHUTOUT before he gave up FIVE runs in the SIXTH, THANKFULLY for Tanaka he still got the WIN as the Yankee offense put up an ELEVEN spot with NO home runs in the game.

The Yankees were facing the pitcher that was statistically the LAST in many MAJOR pitching categories and they FEASTED on him in the FIRST as DJ LeMahieu got a base hit right away and then Aaron Judge drove him HOME.

They put up FIVE runs in the SECOND and CRUISED to a WIN. The only SCARY moment of the game came in the FOURTH when the Rockies threw at Luke Voit and EVERY Yankee fan in the world was holding their breath.

LUCKILY for the Yankees, Luke is a SUPERHUMAN as he TRIED to stay in the game and was in the lineup on Sunday so he is PERFECTLY fine. This would be a CAREER ENDING injury for Greg Bird and Jacoby Ellsbury but for Luke it was just ANOTHER at bat on a HOT Saturday afternoon.

Game THREE: James Paxton has been a GOOD pitcher LATELY but he has been TRASH in the FIRST inning in EACH of starts and as was the case on Sunday afternoon. He gave up a home run to the FIRST batter of the game and then CHOKED in the THIRD giving up SEVEN earned runs in an AWFUL start.

Paxton is going to be RELIED upon as the SECOND or THIRD best starter on the rotation in the Postseason and he has NOT pitched like it YET since joining the Yankees. Paxton needs to go on a TEAR for the REST of the Regular Season because the way he has pitched thus far this season in UNACCEPTABLE. He is LUCKY because the prospects the Yankees GAVE UP in his trade have been AWFUL for the Seattle Mariners so the Yankees still look like they have WON that trade.

DJ LeMahieu answered BACK with a home run in the BOTTOM of the FIRST but after the SIX runs in the THIRD by the Rockies, the Yankees checked OUT and got ready for Minnesota and Boston this week.

OVERALL in their FIRST games AFTER the All Star Break, the Yankees went 7-3 and are COASTING in the standings so everything is GREAT for the Yankees.

This week is BIG for the Yankees because it could be some FORESHADOWING for the Postseason and they can really REST their players for the REMAINDER of the regular season.

A little INJURY update for the Yankees is that Luis Severino and Dellin Betances are PROGRESSING in their throwing programs so they SHOULD be BACK at SOME point this season along with some trades coming in the NEXT week.

ONE of the teams that is going to make the Postseason in the American League are the Minnesota Twins, who the Yankees will play THREE times this week in a BATTLE for HOME field ADVANTAGE in the American League POSTSEASON.

ONE of the teams CHASING the Yankees in the standings are the Boston Red Sox, who are ELEVEN game BACK of the Yankees in the standings. The two teams will face off for FOUR games in Fenway Park this weekend so this is DO or DIE situation for the Red Sox.


Game ONE: Tonight- Martin Perez vs CC Sabathia

Game TWO: Tuesday Night- Kyle Gibson vs Domingo German

Game THREE: Wednesday Night- Jake Odorizzi vs JA Happ


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