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Premier Lacrosse League All Star Weekend: The Stars shined BRIGHT in Los Angeles

The League has been GREAT but I have NO idea what was going on in the Skills Competition

Photo via Getty Images

The Premier Lacrosse League CORRECTLY chose the City of Angels as their All Star Game spot and it was a GREAT game for the league. There were a TON of highlights from the game including ACROBATIC plays from the likes of Matt Rambo and Paul Rabil but a goalie in Jack Concannon took home the MVP award. AFTER the game, the PLL hosted the FIRST annual Skills Competition and that was the FIRST thing that the league has done this season that NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. The Regular Season RESUMES next weekend in Denver so the Playoff Push is going to be in FULL FORCE in the Mile HIGH City.

The TWO teams in the All Star Game were Team (Trevor) Baptiste vs Team (Matt) Rambo and it was Team Baptiste that came out VICTORIOUS thanks in LARGE part to Jack Concannon standing on his head and stopping EVERY shot by Team Rambo. All Star games are HIGH scoring and this one looked like it was going that way before Concannon decided to stop EVERY shot, but we got a COUPLE of GREAT highlights from the game, first was this Paul Rabil assist.

This started from the defensive play from Rabil and FINISHED with a GREAT assist. Rabil is a Co-founder of the league and OFCOURSE he had to go VIRAL to promote his league as this play was the #2 play in SportsCenter’s Top Plays on Sunday night.

Another BIG play from the game was by Matt Rambo who went Air Gait for a goal. Rambo is the League MVP if the season ENDED today so he made some HUGE plays during the game.

OVERALL the game was GREAT and there is a TON of HYPE surrounding it even AFTER the game so the game was a HOME RUN for the League.

The NEW rule changes for the faceoffs which were goalie STARTING the game AFTER a goal and Hockey-Style ball drops were FINE and NOT really as BAD as people were creating them to be who thought that the league was getting RID of Face-off specialists, and I highly doubt they are EVER going to do that when ONE of the biggest stars in the league is Trevor Baptiste, a face-off specialist.

Now the ONE thing that was BAD during the All Star Game festivities was the Skills Competition, as my head is still TURNING from that event.

NOBODY had ANY idea what was going on INCLUDING the in-arena host John Brenkus, who MISPRONOUNCED the names of MANY players and had NO idea about anything about the sport of Lacrosse.

Next season, I would like the PLL to ENCOMPASS lacrosse players MORE in those festivities as TWO of the judges were NOT really famous among the lacrosse world as they were players of the MLS franchise, LAFC. EITHER they have to get A list celebrities OR get HOUSEHOLD lacrosse players that have TON of personality like Matt Rambo and Myles Jones.

I am SURE that the PLL is going to IMPROVE the Skills Competition next year and I am EXCITED about the Regular Season to RESUME next weekend. There are FOUR weekends left in the regular season so teams are going to be ALL IN for the REST of the season with ALL six teams still ALIVE for the FOUR Playoff spots.

PS: The Whipsnakes did NOT win ANY of the skills competition and my statement on that is that we ONLY care about Team trophies like the PLL Crown and NOT individual awards.



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