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Premier Lacrosse League All Star Weekend PREVIEW

There is NOTHING on TV on Sunday night you say? Well the PLL is here for you

Throughout American HISTORY, the stars SHINE the BRIGHTEST in Los Angeles, so it is NO coincidence that the League of the FUTURE is holding its All Star Weekend festivities in the City of ANGELS. On Sunday, we will see Team (Trevor) Baptiste take on Team (Matt) Rambo in a REVAMPED Experimental All Star Game, followed by the Skills Competition where the BEST lacrosse players in the world will show off their GREAT skills. The Lights are going to be BRIGHT on Sunday and I am SURE that the Premier Lacrosse League is going to SHINE the BRIGHTEST once again.

Before I go into a FULL preview of the weekend, here are the rosters of the TWO teams that will face off on Sunday.

Obviously in a league of just SIX teams, BOTH teams are going to be LOADED and there is NO real way to handicap this game as we are going to see some CRAZY and WONKY stuff happening throughout the game. IF I was FORCED to pick the game, I would go with Team Rambo just because he drafted a TON of Whipsnakes and I am LOYAL to my Snakes brethren.

The PLL is GAINING popularity among NON Lacrosse fans and they are going to EXPERIMENT with some TWEAKS during the All Star Game and I am HERE for it.

Now I know that MOST of TRADITIONAL Lacrosse fans are going to HATE this NEW rules for the All Star Game but I LOVE them. It is a matter of FACT that Lacrosse is NOT close to being as popular as hockey AND basketball, so using rules that are FAMILIAR to fans of those sports MIGHT make it EASIER for those fans to LEARN about lacrosse and become fans of the PLL. Also, this game is MEANINGLESS in the LARGE scheme of the PLL, so the rules will be back to NORMAL next weekend in Denver for Week SEVEN of the season.

I think we are going to see a TON of TWO-BOMBS and goalies playing in the offensive THIRD of the field, so I expect to see FIFTY total goals in the game and it MIGHT just be FIRST to THIRTY wins the game. It is going to be a GREAT game goals but Kyle Hartzell was on The Crease Dive podcast this morning and he made it seem like there is going to be a TON of defense in the game.

AFTER the All Star Game, we will see the BEST of the BEST Lacrosse players in the world participate in the Skills Competition, here are ALL the people competing and my picks for EACH event.


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First up is going to be the Fastest Shot and I have NO idea how they are setting this event up because the shooters are going to need some RUNNING UP to GAIN speed, but I like Jarrod Neumann to WIN this as he has a TON of TWO bombs this season and that is HUGE for this event. Whipsnakes own Michael Ehrhardt is a SNEAKY pick for this event, I would NOT be shocked if he came out on TOP.

Next up is the Freestyle competition and I think EVERYONE knows how I am picking in this one, Towson ALUM Ryan Drenner. I think we are going to see some CRAZY attempts from some of the most CRAFTY attackmen like Connor Fields and Justin Guterding but I gotta go with a Whipsnake in this one.

Like MOST of the events, I am INTRIGUED to see how the Goalie Competition is going to be set up so BLINDLY I am going with Blaze Riorden in this one as he has a FLAIR for the dramatics and we might see him PUNCH someone if he LOSES.

The Fastest Player competition is going to be a SURPRISE between TWO Redwoods and TWO Chaos players with an Archer in Eipp but I like Jarrod Neumann to WIN this one, because THROUGHOUT the season he has been GREAT in the transition game and that is HUGE for this competition.

LASTLY, The Accuracy Shooting Competition is going to be a SNOOZEFEST among the events in the Skills Competition because EVERYONE knows who is going to WIN this. Ryan Brown is widely regarded as the BEST shooter in the game and he is going to DOMINATE this event and win one for the Atlai.

Here is the PREVIEW of the All Star Weekend festivities, I CANNOT end ANY blog related to the PLL, without commenting on the attendance and I think it is going to be on the LOWER side as LA is NOT a lacrosse hotbed and there is a TON of things going on the city, but I am INTERESTED to see if people from the East Coast made this weekend a vacation to LA surrounded by the All Star weekend.

The PLL Regular Season RESUMES next weekend in Denver so I will have my picks for that weekend coming NEXT Friday.



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