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Remember when the PANIC button was IN PLAY for the Yankees, well that SAME team now has the BEST record in the American League

I am an OPTIMISTIC Yankees fans but EVEN I did NOT see this coming

The 2019 New York Yankees journey has been REMARKABLE, their season STARTED with a BARRAGE of INJURIES and the REPLACEMENT players got the Yankees going and now that they are HEALTHY, they have the BEST record in the American League and just a FEW percentage points behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, who own the BEST record in baseball. After taking the series over the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend, the Yankees will take on the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays with a chance to INCREASE their lead ATOP the American League East as their TEN game HOMESTAND rolls on.

Yankees vs Blue Jays Series RECAP

Game ONE- Domingo German had the MOST wins in baseball before he got HURT and since he has been BACK, he has CONTINUED to DOMINATE the opposing teams and that has come out of NOWHERE for the Yankees. There were a COUPLE of starts that were NOT great for Domingo but it was CLEARLY during the team he was HURT but he is BACK now. On Friday night he was GREAT throwing SIX SHUTOUT innings and thanks to the offense got his ELEVENTH win of the season.

We are QUICKLY approaching his innings LIMIT, so I am INTRIGUED to see how the Yankee handle that. They could EITHER send him to bullpen or SHUT him DOWN for a COUPLE of weeks so he can HELP this team in September and October.

Offensively for the Yankees, the FIRST run was scored on an RBI groundout off the bat of DJ LeMahieu, but the BIG hit came the bat off Edwin Encarnacion with the Bases LOADED in the FIFTH. Edwin has STRUGGLED since he came to the Yankees last month, but this hit was HUGE for his confidence the rest of the season.

The Yankee bullpen PRESERVED the SHUTOUT for German and the Yankees had WON their FIRST game since the All Star BREAK.

Game TWO- Luke Voit was a BIG reason why the Yankees’ ship did NOT sink when EVERYONE was getting HURT early in the season, but he was the LATEST Yankee to SUFFER an injury and he was BACK in the lineup on Saturday, so that was HUGE for the Yankees.

As far as the ACTUAL game, the Blue Jays scored TWO on a single and the Yankee had TONS of opportunities to TIE up the game but did NOT get the SECOND runner to cross home plate and LOST the game. ANYTIME that the pitching staff gives up just TWO runs, you EXPECT to WIN but I am NOT worried about that as the Yankees have been GREAT this season.

JA Happ took the mound for the Yankees and it was ONE of his BEST starts of the season even though it was a NO DECISION for him. The Yankees NEED another pitcher but IF Happ and German CONTINUE to pitch like this, they have ENOUGH pitching to POSSIBLY winning the World Series this season.

Game THREE: The BEST pitcher on the Yankee staff is Masahiro Tanaka and he took the mound on Sunday afternoon and he pitched a TYPICAL Masa start which was SIX innings giving up just TWO and got the WIN. We ALL know that Tanaka does NOT care about July starts against BAD teams like the Blue Jays so seeing him DOMINATE those games was HUGE for the ACE of this staff.

Gio Urshela was the HERO for the Yankee on offense, he got the Yankees ON THE BOARD with a TWO run single to give them a 2-0 lead but the Blue Jays came back to TIE the game, so in the SIXTH, Gio did an ACROBATIC slide on a Wild Pitch to score the GO-AHEAD run for the Yankees.

Gio has been HUGE for the Yankees and he HAS TO be considered in the FUTURE plans of the Yankees at the third base spot, EVEN THOUGH they have Miguel Andujar SLOTTED to RETURN to that spot next season. The Yankees have TOO many GOOD players and that is a problem I LOVE to have.

Mike Tauchman just comes in and plays QUALITY defense in the outfield and has done some GOOD work with the lumber and he provided the Yankees with a HUGE insurance run that helped them WIN the series over the Blue Jays this weekend.

After this series win, the Yankees are 12-0-1 in their last THIRTEEN series at HOME and that is INCREDIBLE and they will look to CONTINUE their DOMINATION this week against the DEVIL Rays and the Colorado Rockies NEXT weekend.

The Yankee starting rotation got QUALITY starts in ALL three games this weekend, which is RARE for them and the REINFORCEMENTS are COMING for the starting rotation AS WELL AS the bullpen.


It takes starting pitchers SIX weeks to get READY for the season, so we will see Sevy at some point around LATE August-EARLY September, while I could see Dellin coming BACK in MID August. The Yankees are in DESPERATE need for a starting pitcher at the Trade Deadline and knowing that Sevy MIGHT be back SOON, the Yankees do not have to be AGGRESSIVE in looking for a pitcher.

The Yankees LEAD the DEVIL Rays by SIX games with only SIX games remaining this season between the TWO teams this season and the TWO teams NOT playing again after this week until the PENULTIMATE series of the season, the Yankees can build a HUGE cushion in the standings and REST their players down the stretch.

After the FOUR game set against the DEVIL Rays this week, DJ LeMahieu’s FORMER team, the Colorado Rockies come to town next weekend for a THREE game set.


Game ONE: Tonight- James Paxton vs Blake Snell

Game TWO: Tuesday Night- CC Sabathia vs TBD*

Game THREE: Wednesday Night- Domingo German vs Yonny Chirinos

Game FOUR: Thursday Night- JA Happ vs Charlie Morton

*- The DEVIL Rays are LIKELY to go with a Bullpen game on Tuesday night so we will have a starter for that game AFTER the game tonight.


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