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What do the Yankees NEED to do to WIN their 28th CHAMPIONSHIP? I have the ANSWERS

I am STARTING to CONVINCE myself that the Yankees are the BEST team in baseball and that is ONLY going to END in a HEARTBREAK for me.

The All Star break has come and GONE and now EVERY MLB team is focused on the Pennant races in the SECOND half of the season. The Yankees SHINED in the All Star Game this week and AS SOON AS the team RETURNS to the Bronx this weekend, they will begin the PUSH for their TWENTY EIGHTH Championship, they are a GREAT team that is capable of doing that, but they have some HOLES, which will need to get FIXED before the END of the month.


  • The FIRST big difference between the Yankees this season and LAST season is their ABILITY of hitting with Runners On SCORING Position AND getting ON BASE with the guys like DJ LeMahieu, Gio Urshela, AND Gleyber Torres
    • The team was TOO reliant on the home run last season, BUT this year they have been GREAT at getting on base and then scoring WITHOUT the home runs, which is going to be HUGE in the Postseason, when the home runs go DOWN and that was the Yankees’ DEMISE last year.
  • EVEN THOUGH they have a couple of GREAT hitters that can get ON BASE, they also have a PLETHORA of home run hitters like Edwin Encarnacion, Gary Sanchez, AND Luke Voit. OBVIOUSLY Aaron Judge is ONE of the best home run hitters in baseball, but he is still getting in the GROOVE and ONCE he is there, he is going to be HUGE for the Yankees in the SECOND half.
  • The Yankee Bullpen has been GREAT and a HUGE part of the reason why they are COASTING in the AL East standings. OTHER teams in the division like the Boston Red Sox, have a TRASH bullpen meanwhile the bullpen is a BIG STRENGTH for the Yankees.
    • In the Postseason, the FORMULA for the Yankees is set and it is that they need their starters to go 4-5 innings and then the Bullpen TAKES OVER and gets the job DONE.
  • The offense and the bullpen are GREAT for the Yankees and those are going to be HUGE for the Yankees down the stretch but now to the BAD.


  • The BIGGEST weakness of this season has been the INJURIES the Yankees have had a SHITTON of injuries and EVEN though MOST of the players that got hurt have gotten back, there are a COUPLE still missing.
    • Luis Severino was ONE of the FIRST injuries and he is STILL injured, there is HOPE among the Yankees that he should be BACK in August, BUT he has had a TON of SETBACKS so I am NOT as hopeful as Yankee management.
    • Dellin Betances was ALSO injured in Spring Training like Sevy and Dellin has been on a throwing program and SHOULD BE back at SOME POINT in this 3-4 weeks.
    • Giancarlo Stanton has been PLAGUED with MULTIPLE injuries this season, with his LATEST injury he is currently SHUT DOWN and I do NOT expect him to come BACK this season. It has been a DISASTER season for Giancarlo, HOPEFULLY he can be HEALTHY for 2020.
    • Jordan Montgomery got Tommy John Surgery during the 2018 season and was SLOTTED to come back in July-August of this season but he has NOT started the SIX weeks of the USUAL rehab PRIOR to coming back yet, so like Giancarlo, I think he should SHUT IT DOWN this season and get HEALTHY for 2020.
    • Luke Voit is on the DISABLED LIST right now, BUT he is NOT a MAJOR injury as he is going to be BACK this weekend.
  • Their SECOND weakness has been the starting rotation and the CONSISTENCY of their pitchers.
    • Masahiro Tanaka is the BEST pitcher on the team right now but he has a TENDENCY to throw CLUNKERS like he did at the London Series.
    • James Paxton and JA Happ have had SOME good starts but have TERRIBLE ones also. Paxton has been GOOD lately so MAYBE that can CONTINUE in the second half and as far as Happ who is just TRASH now, so he NEEDS to pitch A LOT better in the second half.
    • CC Sabathia is in his LAST season and Domingo German is in his FIRST season as a FULL time starter, BUT I put them in the SAME category because CC is going to hit a WALL and German is on a pitch LIMIT so he is going to be SHUT DOWN at SOME point this season.


  • The BIGGEST need for the Yankees are STARTING pitchers and there a COUPLE available, here are MY thoughts on them:
    • Max Scherzer- He is obviously the BEST pitcher being RUMORED with trades, but he is NOT going to be traded as the Washington Nationals are in PRIME position to be a PLAYOFF team and he is the BEST player on the team.
    • Marcus Stroman- He is a Long Island kid, so would THRIVE in New York but he is NOT a LOCKDOWN pitcher the Yankees are looking for. He is more of a MIDDLE of the rotation guy and the Yankees ALREADY have THREE of them in Happ, Paxton, AND German.
    • Madison Baumgarner- MadBum is the DREAM for the Yankees. He is the BEST Postseason pitcher of this generation and the Yankees would LOVE to have him but he is NOT coming here.
      • MadBum has a NO-Trade clause that he is NOT going to WAIVE to play for an American League team and he LOVES to hit, so IF he comes to the Bronx, he is basically NEVER going to hit and that is why it is a LONGSHOT for him to come here even though I would LOVE him to dawn the Pinstripes.
    • Trevor Bauer- This is the guy that the Yankees are going to END UP with because the market is going to be LOW on him, so the Yankees can get him WITHOUT giving up the TOP prospects. Bauer is a HEADCASE that is NEVER going to THRIVE in New York but it would be an EXCITING experiment to see IF he can pitch in New York.
    • Luis Severino- Obviously he is ALREADY on the Yankees but IF Sevy comes back to the Yankees HEALTHY this season then he will be a GAMECHANGER for the Yankees.

The Yankees are a GREAT team right now but there is SOME work they NEED to do some work to IMPROVE their roster and make it READY to WIN their TWENTY EIGHTH World Series CHAMPIONSHIP.

The SECOND Half CHASE for the Yankees begins in the Bronx this weekend for the Toronto Blue Jays, so I will have a PREVIEW of this series coming TOMORROW.


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