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There are NEW Kings of New York Sports Radio!

The SNOOZER on the OTHER station can go back to SLEEP on his App that NOBODY is buying

New York’s “Michael Kay Show” and WFAN’s Mike Francesa claiming they deserve the next parade up the Canyon of Heroes.

It is Kay, though, who has to be the most happy with the results.

In the traditional Nielsen Audio Measurement that the stations sell advertising against, 25-to-54-year-old men, Kay’s program topped Francesa’s with a 6.4 share to 6.1. via New York Post

CUE the MUSIC folks. Let’s GO!!!!!

I am a BIG fan of the Kay Show, I have listened to ALMOST EVERY episode over the last FOUR years and we FINALLY have VALIDATION that is the BEST show in New York.

Now there are going to be CRITICS say the Mike Francesa has the BEST show in town because he had a HIGHER rating when you COMBINE the STREAMING to go with his radio audience as to where the Kay Show ALREADY combines them in the ratings, BUT the Kay Show is on YES and IF that is COMBINED than the Kay Show would be LIGHTYEARS ahead of Francesa.

Obviously NOBODY cares about the ratings of TWO New York sports radio afternoon shows, but I LOVE them. When the two shows COME AT each other ARGUING about the ratings, I think that is some of the BEST content that the two shows produce but I am HAPPY that the Kay Show is the BEST in the sports radio business and we have the ratings to PROVE it.

For about THIRTY Francesa has been NUMBER ONE in the New York market but the Kay show had been SLOWLY coming at the WFAN star and FINALLY earlier this year, the Kay Show BEAT Francesa and now they backed it up in the Spring. Now the Summer ratings do NOT matter as EVERYONE takes vacation but I am EAGERLY waiting for the winter ratings season to START just to see what BOTH shows are going to do to TRY and ECLIPSE the other.

I think that New York Sports Radio is the BEST in the country and when the TWO best shows in the market are BATTLING each other it is GREAT for EVERYONE involved including the listeners.

Now Francesa can go BACK to napping on the air like he USUALLY does.


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