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The Yankees CANNOT end the DEVIL Rays season in the FINAL series before the All Star BREAK

I would have liked the last TWO games of the series to have gone BETTER but I CANNOT complain with how GOOD they have been

Photo via USA Today

The New York Yankees were 6.5 games AHEAD of the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays going into this PAST weekend and they are STILL just UP 6.5 games after the team SPLIT the four game set in Tampa Bay over the weekend. That was the LAST series BEFORE the All Star Break in Cleveland this coming week. For the Yankees, it has been a GREAT First half of the season, BUT the ONLY thing that their fans care about is HOW this season is going to END in October so they should CONTINUE their GREAT performance for the REST of the season.

Yankees vs DEVIL Rays Series RECAP:

Game ONE: The Yankees were coming off a SPLIT against the New York Mets and could END the DEVIL Rays’ chances of WINNING the AL East and it looked like they were headed that way as they were up 3-1 going into the BOTTOM of the NINTH led by a homerun by Edwin Encarnacion.

JA Happ took the mound for the Yankees and he had a GOOD start compared to the OTHERS he has had this season, giving up just ONE run in 5.1 innings. He was in line for the WIN going into the NINTH, which is when things went HAYWIRE for the Yankees. Aroldis Chapman did NOT have it and he gave up TWO runs to TIE the game and we were headed to EXTRA innings.

In the TENTH, it was DJ LeMahieu coming in CLUTCH again with Runners in SCORING position. He drove in TWO runs on a single to give the Yankees the LEAD and then Gary Sanchez sent a ball to Saturn for the EXCLAMATION point of the inning.

The Yankees GAVE UP a run in the BOTTOM of the TENTH but were able to ESCAPE with a WIN in the FIRST game of the series with the offense coming ALIVE in the EXTRAS.

Game TWO: The Yankees were looking to CONTINUE their DOMINATION of the DEVIL Rays and Aaron Judge got them off to a BIG start with a HOMERUN in the FIRST.

Masahiro Tanaka was on the mound for the Yankees, this was his FIRST start since that ATROCIOUS start in London and Masa was FINE giving up TWO in the game, but LEFT runners on base when he was taken OUT of the game and the DEVIL Rays DROVE IN those runners so Tanaka did NOT get the WIN.

The Yankees were down ONE going into the EIGHTH and we all KNOW that this team is NEVER dead and this time it was Aaron Hicks that got them BACK into the game.

After David Hale came into the game and CALMED DOWN the DEVIL Ray bats and took the game into EXTRAS for the second straight night.

In the TENTH, neither team could come up with a run so we went to the ELEVENTH and that is when the Yankee bats WOKE UP with Aaron Judge hit his SECOND dinger of the game and gave the Yankees the lead.

The Yankees were NOT done in the inning as Brett Gardner put one in the seats to MAKE SURE that the Yankees would NOT be able to BLOW this game.

This time around, Aroldis Chapman was able to CONVERT the SAVE and give the Yankees their SECOND win of the series and had a WHOPPING 8.5 game lead in the division.

Game THREE: The Yankees were looking for the series WIN against the DEVIL Rays with CC Sabathia on the mound, who was GREAT giving up just ONE run going into the SEVENTH inning.

If I was manager Aaron Boone, I PROBABLY would NOT have brought CC BACK into the game for the SEVENTH, but CC was out there and he served up a TWO run home run to BLOW the lead. CC was GREAT in the game and was going to END UP with the LOSS.

The Yankees were down to the FINAL STRIKE in the game and then Aaron Hicks hit his SECOND home run in as many games to keep the bring the Yankees BACK again.

This time it was NOT a SWEET ending for the Yankees as Travis d’Arnaud hit a WALK-OFF Home Run to WIN the game for the DEVIL Rays and they had a chance to SPLIT on Sunday afternoon.

Game FOUR: The Yankees were looking to WIN the series against the DEVIL Rays on Sunday afternoon with James Paxton on the mound, who has been TERRIBLE in the FIRST inning all season long.

The FIRST inning STRUGGLES CONTINUED for Paxton as d’Arnaud got on base and SCORED with NO outs in the inning. The Rays were able to score ANOTHER run and took a 2-0 lead into the SECOND.

The Yankees managed to get one BACK as Brett Gardner hit ANOTHER home run but that was the ONLY offense for the Yankees in the game. The DEVIL Rays led by Charlie Morton were able to QUIET the Yankee bats and was able to get the SPLIT for the Yankees.

Paxton CALMED DOWN and threw SIX innings but came up with the LOSS as the Yankees managed to score just that ONE run in the LAST game before the All Star Game.

OVERALL the Yankees have had a GREAT first half of the season, it was a SHAME that they did NOT get the series WIN over the DEVIL Rays but they are still 6.5 games UP in the division and will look to build on that in the SECOND half.

In the SECOND half, the Yankees HAVE TO find a starting pitcher, because their current artillery of arms is NOT going to be ENOUGH for them in the Postseason as they look to WIN their TWENTY EIGHTH championship later this year.

I will have a FULL recap of the FIRST half and a preview of the SECOND half coming at some point this week so I will go into MUCH more detail at that point.

A COUPLE of other notes for the Yankees going into the All Star break are that Masahiro Tanaka was a LATE addition to the American League roster which marks the Yankees having FIVE All Stars as Gary Sanchez AND Gleyber Torres were named STARTERS, Aroldis Chapman was named as a pitcher, and Gleyber Torres was announced as a REPLACEMENT on Thursday. I still think that Luke Voit and Adam Ottavino are SNUBS, but there a TON of good players on the American League so I am NOT going to launch a FULL protest on the MLB.

Luke Voit, who was sent to the DL following the London Series, his rehab is PROGRESSING towards him coming BACK next Friday when the Yankees BEGIN the SECOND half of the season against the Toronto Blue Jays in the Bronx.

IF any of the Yankees playing in the All Star game make any NOTABLE plays in the game, I will have a blog on the game, IF NOT look out for the SECOND half PREVIEW around Wednesday and a PREVIEW of the Blue Jays series coming on Friday.


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