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Premier Lacrosse League Week SIX: The Chrome FINALLY get a WIN in a DOMINATING fashion

If the Chrome played like they did today, they would RUNAWAY with the PLL Crown

Photo via PLL Twitter

Going into the week SIX of the Premier Lacrosse League in Washington, we thought that the Chaos were the BEST team in the league and the Chrome were the WORST. Well earlier today, the Chrome DEFEATED the Chaos by a margin of 19-11 to get their FIRST win in HISTORY and have a POSITIVE goal differential whereas the Chaos who had the HIGHEST goal differential in the league, now have a NEGATIVE differential. On Saturday, we saw the other TWO great teams in the league CONTINUE to DOMINATE as we go into the BYE week of the season. After the BYE week, the Stars will shine BRIGHT in the City of Angels for the PLL All Star Game, TWO weeks from this weekend as the League of the FUTURE continues to GAIN momentum.

The FIRST game of the weekend was on Saturday evening between the Redwoods and the Archers, it was a matchup of TWO teams that are heading in OPPOSITE directions at the midway point of the season.

The Redwoods started out the season at 1-2, but had won TWO in a row coming into the weekend and held the THIRD playoff spot, while the Archers came into the week having LOST their last THREE, but managed to HOLD the FOURTH and FINAL playoff spot via goal differential.

This was a CRAZY back and fourth game between a SYSTEMATIC offense of the Archers LED by Tom Schreiber, Marcus Holman, AND Will Manny against the GREAT defense of the Redwoods, who have managed to SUFFOCATE every offense they have gone against and that was the case AGAIN on Saturday night.

The game was TIED at EIGHT in the fourth, which was the LOWEST score of ANY game thus far this season and we went to OVERTIME as the Redwoods FAILED to convert on a POWERPLAY at the END of regulation.

In the EXTRA stanza, BOTH teams were taking shots but coming up EMPTY handed and for the FIRST time in league history, the POSSIBILITY of time RUNNING OUT in overtime and the game being TIED was coming in my mind, but with just UNDER five and a half minutes left, Jules Heningburg decided that he wanted to go HOME on a DEFLECTION shot and AVENGED the Red Trees’ LOSS to the Arrows EARLIER this season.

The Red Trees are UNDEFEATED since Heningburg was TRADED to them PRIOR to Week FOUR and have emerged as the THIRD best team in the league, but have the ability to beat ANYBODY. As for Heningburg, he is YET to LOSE a game in the PLL as he was 3-0 with the Whipsnakes when he was TRADED and the Redwoods have NOT lost since his trade. That ALONE makes him a CONTENDER for the Jim Brown trophy AKA league MVP. After the LONG break, the Redwoods will take on the Atlas in Denver on July 27.

The Archers are pressing the PANIC button on their season as they have lost FOUR straight after starting the season 2-0. They are FALLING down the standings and need a WIN badly. They will face the Chrome in Denver on July 28.

The NIGHT game on Saturday was between the “RIVALS” Atlai and the Whipsnakes as this was ANOTHER matchup of FORMER Hopkins-Maryland players in the Maryland area, this time it was CLOSER to the Maryland campus and the Snakes were looking to BOUNCE BACK after LOSING their FIRST game of the season in Week FIVE, while the Atlas were looking to SURPASS the Archers as BOTH teams had the SAME record coming into the weekend.

In the HOUR break between the FIRST game and the NIGHTCAP, a TORRENTIAL downpour hit the Washington area forcing the game to be DELAYED an hour and once the game STARTED, there was ANOTHER thirty minute DELAY in the THIRD quarter due to Lightning in the area but after a COUPLE of hours, all FOUR quarters were played.

PRIOR to the games on Saturday, the PLL announced the players that were named All Stars and one of the BIG snubs was Whipsnakes’ faceoff SPECIALIST Joe Nardella, who was SECOND in the league in FACE-OFF percentage, but did NOT get the nod. Joe Nards was taking on the Atlas’ Trevor Baptiste at the faceoff X, Baptiste got the SECOND most votes among ALL players and LEADS the league in terms of FACE-OFF percentage. BOTH had a GREAT battle, but it was Joe Nards scoring his first TWO career goals, which helped the Whipsnakes build a 7-3 LEAD after the first quarter.

There is a COMMON theme in EVERY Whipsnakes game this season and that is that they build a HUGE lead in the FIRST half and then BLOW that lead in the SECOND and win LATE in games. LAST week in Atlanta, the Redwoods scored LATE to BEAT the Snakes and this weekend it was a SIMILAR trend as the Snakes went COLD scoring just ONE goal in the SECOND and THIRD quarters, which allowed the Atlai to march BACK into the game and they got back to TIE the game at NINE with FOUR minutes left, so Snakes needed a BIG goal to get out of DC with a WIN.

Like the trend of the Whipsnakes BLOWING leads LATE in games, it has been Ryan Drenner that has put the Whipsnakes team on his back and took them to VICTORY. The Towson ALUM had scored the GAME WINNING goals in THREE of the FOUR Snakes’ wins and with just about TWO minutes left on Saturday night, he continued to be CLUTCH for the Dripsnakes.

Drenner was NOT even going to be a REGULAR player on the Whipsnakes roster at the START of training camp, but his EMERGENCE this season has made him the SECOND most valuable player on the team behind Matt Rambo, who LEADS the league in BOTH Points and Assists and is a CAPTAIN for the All Star Game.

The Whipsnakes are a COMPLETE team as SIX different scorers scored their first SIX goals, they really SHARE the ball and that is why they had TEN players named to the All Star Game, which is TIED with the Redwoods for the MOST in the league. With the WIN on Saturday night, the Whipsnakes SWEPT the Atlas in the TWO games this season, they are the ONLY team in the league to do so YET as the SECOND leg of the round robin began this weekend.

The Dripsnakes have a ONE game lead ATOP the standings after this weekend, they will take on the Chaos in Denver on July 27, the Chowse are THIRD in the league standings but just ONE game BACK of the Snakes CURRENTLY so it is an IMPORTANT game for BOTH teams as the top TWO teams get DOUBLE ELIMINATION in the PLL playoffs.

The Atlai had a CHANCE to LEAPFROG the Archers to move into FOURTH in the standings, but they REMAIN at FIFTH. They have the WORST goal differential in the league and that is a PROBLEM for the Bulls as they are TIED with the Archers with the SAME record but the goal differential gives the nod to the Archers for that FINAL Playoff spot. The Bulls will take on the FLAMING Redwoods on July 27.

In the FINAL game of the weekend it was the WINLESS Chrome taking on the Chaos, who held the BEST record in the league going into the weekend. These teams played each other just LAST week in Atlanta, with the Chowse WINNING in OVERTIME.

It looked like the Chrome HEAVILY scouted the Chaos during the week and FLIPPED the script from that game. The Chrome put together their BEST performance of the season, scoring the MOST goals in a SINGLE game (NINETEEN) of ANY team this season.


Jordan Macintosh finished with FIVE goals to LEAD the Chrome to their first WIN. We all knew that the Chrome were BETTER than their record as their COMBINED deficit through the first FIVE losses was just SIX goals, but this was a COMPLETE DOMINATION and they are now just ONE game OUT of a playoff spot. The Chrome will take on the Archers in Denver on July 28, the Arrows hold the FINAL Playoff spot going into that weekend.

This was ALARMING for the Chaos, who had the BEST offense in the league BUT were SLOWED by the Chrome today. The Chowse had built a BIG lead on goal differential but it has GONE AWAY and they now sit at -1. The Chaos will take on the Whipsnakes on July 27, in a BATTLE of TWO playoff teams in the league.

Those were the games of week SIX season of the season, they league will now HALT for the BYE week and then the All Star Game the following weekend. After SIX weeks here are the standings of the league:

  1. Whipsnakes 5-1 (+7)
  2. Redwoods 4-2 (+6)
  3. Chaos 4-2 (-1)
  4. Archers 2-4 (-2)
  5. Atlas 2-4 (-12)
  6. Chrome 1-5 (+2)

As I said EARLIER, the PLL has announced the All Stars PRIOR to the games on Saturday. The All Star Game will be played on July 21 in Los Angeles. Here are the FORTY TWO players that were named All Stars:


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The 2019 PLL All Stars! ⭐️ Swipe 👉

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The HIGHEST vote getters were selected as CAPTAINS for the TWO All Star teams, who were Matt Rambo and Trevor Baptiste. Those two CAPTAINS will select their roster for the game and we know the first TWO picks for each squad. With the FULL draft being RELEASED this Tuesday, so I am INTERESTED to see how the two teams fair.

I will have a FAKE goal line and a PREVIEW of the All Star game coming at SOME POINT on July 20, but UNTIL then this is the LAST piece of PLL content on here, so keep REFRESHING the page and RAKING UP my PAGEVIEWS.


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