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Premier Lacrosse League Week SIX Picks

It is ANOTHER big week for the League of the FUTURE, and I have the Lines and Picks for you

We are now in the SECOND half of the PLL season there is CLEAR indication of the GOOD teams, the BAD teams, AND the teams that fall in the MIDDLE of the pack. This weekend in Washington DC is the FIRST time that the SIX teams are playing opponents that they have already played BEFORE, so I am INTERESTED to see in the ADJUSTMENTS each team makes this time around. Last week was HUGE for the league as they got BIG crowds in a town like Atlanta that is NOT a lacrosse HOTBED, this weekend they RETURN to the Maryland area which is a HUGE lacrosse HOTBED so EXPECT a TON of fans at Audi Field this weekend.

The next FEW weeks for the PLL are WONKY as they have a BYE week next weekend and then the All Star Game in Los Angeles the following weekend, so the NEXT weekend of the Regular Season is not UNTIL the 27th so these picks are the LAST for AWHILE.

I was AWFUL in my picks last week and I am going to BOUNCE BACK heading into the break so I HAVE TO get HOT this weekend, but FIRST here is a RECAP of my TERRIBLE picks from last weekend in Atlanta.

Week FIVE: Atlanta RECAP

Game 1: Atlas at Archers (-2.5). My Pick- Archers COVER, Actual- Atlas WIN

Game 2: Chaos (-2.5) at Chrome. My Pick- Chaos COVER, Actual- Chaos WIN but do NOT cover

Game 3: Redwoods at Whipsnakes (-1.5). My Pick- Whipsnakes COVER but do NOT cover, Actual- Redwoods WIN

Record for Week FIVE: Avi’s Spread: 1-2, STRAIGHT UP: 1-2

OVERALL Record for the season: Avi’s Spread: 5-7, STRAIGHT UP: 6-6

The games for this week are the Archers at the Redwoods, the Whipsnakes at the Atlas, AND the Chrome at the Chaos.

Game ONE: Saturday Afternoon- The Archers Lacrosse Club at the Redwoods Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold) (Avi’s Line- Redwoods -1.5)

The Archers are on the VERGE of hitting the PANIC button. They have lost THREE games in a row and are in DESPERATE need for a WIN. They have the BEST player in the sport on their squad and a GREAT offense but last weekend they could NOT hold the lead against the Atlai and now are sitting at 2-3 in the standings and holding the FINAL playoff spot. The Arrows have lost THREE in a row, but LUCKILY for them, their last WIN came against the Redwoods, who they will be facing this weekend. The Archers NEED a win before the BYE week or else head coach Chris Bates is going to press the PANIC button.

Just THREE weeks ago, the Redwoods were sitting at 1-2 and were STRUGGLING to score goals and they TRADED for Jules Heningburg and it seems like the switch has been FLIPPED. The Red Trees are UNDEFEATED since Heningburg arrived and he has been the BEST offensive player on the squad. They ALREADY had a GREAT defense and now that the offense has gotten going, they look like a GREAT team and had a HUGE win against the PREVIOUSLY unbeaten Whipsnakes last weekend. The Redwoods LOST to the Archers in their FIRST matchup of the season in New York but they are a DIFFERENT team right now and EASILY capable to BEAT the Arrows.

This is a matchup of TWO teams that are holding the FINAL TWO Playoff Spots right now and BOTH teams want to get some SEPERATION over the team that is BENEATH them in the standings. I think that Tom Schreiber and the OFFENSIVE twins of Marcus Holman & Will Manny will score a TON of goals and cause the UPSET over the Red Trees this weekend.

Game TWO: Saturday Night- The Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club at the Atlas Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line- Whipsnakes -3.5)

It FINALLY happened, the Whipsnakes LOST a game last weekend against the Redwoods. The Snakes were playing FINE against the GREAT Red Trees defense throughout the game but the offense went COLD in the FOURTH quarter allowing the Redwoods to cause the UPSET. This weekend they take on the Atlai, who they HANDEDLY beat in Baltimore just TWO weeks ago. The Snakes are looking for blood this weekend in Washington and since Audi Field is about HALF hour away from the campus of Maryland, there is going to SEA of orange jerseys in the crowd on Saturday night.

The Atlas were able to make a HUGE statement last weekend against the Archers. NOT ONLY did they score a TON of goals down the stretch but they would able to CONTAIN the TRIO of goalscorers on the Archers to HANG ON for the WIN. They are now 2-3 on the season and suddenly BACK in the Playoff race. John Paul’s squad is going to need to FORGET about that game in Baltimore because that was an UTTER EMBARRASSMENT for the Atlai.

I have set a LOFTY Spread for this game and it HAS to be this way because of that game just TWO weeks ago. I think that the Atlai performance last weekend was an ANOMALY and the Snakes are looking to get BACK to WINNING so I expect the FORMER Terps to have BIG games in front of their families and friends. I LOVE the Whipsnakes to COVER in this one on Saturday night.

Game THREE: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Chrome Lacrosse Club at the Chaos Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line- Chaos -2.5)

The Chrome are extremely UNLUCKY, they were getting DOMINATED by the Chaos last weekend but marched BACK to TIE the game and FORCE Overtime. In the EXTRA period, the Chrome came SO CLOSE to WINNING their FIRST game but the ball bounced OFF the pipe and the Chaos were able to CONVERT on the other end. The Internet Explorers (get it because they are the Chrome) are 0-5 but have a goal differential of JUST -6, ONE of these games, the ball is going to bounce THEIR way and this weekend might be their BEST chance as they JUST took on the Riots last weekend.

The Chaos have won FOUR in a row and look like the BEST team in the league, but they have had some NARROW wins the last THREE weeks, but their offense has been able to BAIL them out. Head coach Andy Towers HAD TO have reviewed the tape of last weekend and MADE SURE that the Riots can AVOID an UPSET this weekend.

I think that OUTSIDE of the FIRST game between the Redwoods and the Archers it is going to be a CHALKY weekend, but ALL of the PLL games are so CLOSE and I am going to go OUT on a LIMB and pick the Chrome to cause the UPSET and get their FIRST win this weekend in Washington DC.

My picks for this weekend are the Archers WIN, the Whipsnakes COVER, AND the Chrome WIN. If you want to throw some money down, SLIDE into the DM’s for some SIDE bets.

This is the LAST week of the PLL Regular Season for a couple weeks as they have a BYE week next weekend and then the All Star Game the following weekend. The NEXT Regular Season weekend starts on July 27th in Denver, so I will have my picks at some time on the 26th for that weekend.


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