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Premier League Lacrosse Week FIVE: The Chrome are the UNLUCKIEST team in the PLL

The Whipsnakes LOST, but you CANNOT win them ALL

Photo via PLL Twitter

We have reached the MIDWAY point of the PLL season and through the first FIVE weeks, the Chrome are WINLESS including losing THREE games in OVERTIME including hitting the pipes TWICE in those LOSSES. This past weekend, the PLL was in Atlanta where was saw the FIRST Friday Night Light game and the Whipsnakes LOST their FIRST game of the season.

The league RETURNS to the Maryland-DC area as they will play in the Nation’s Capital during Fourth of July in Week SIX of the season. The schedule gets QUIRKY for the PLL after next weekend as there is a BYE week after DC and then the All Star game so Week SEVEN of the season is NOT until FOUR weeks from now in Denver.

In Atlanta we saw the PLL host the FIRST Friday night game when the Atlas took on the Archers. Atlanta is NOT a lacrosse HOTBED by ANY stretch of the imagination as there is only ONE player in the league that is from Atlanta, Scott Ratliff, compared to LAST weekend where MORE than HALF of the league is from the state of Maryland. The CROWD was huge for Friday night’s game. ONE of the HIGHLIGHTS of the night was seeing league FOUNDER Paul Rabil do a CREASE DIVE as he helped the Atlai get BACK into the game.

The Atlas took the lead on a LATE goal by John Crawley and it looked like they were going to get only their SECOND win of the season.

People forget that the Archers DO have the BEST player in world, Tom Schreiber on their team and he ALMOST got this game to OVERTIME with a BUZZER BEATING attempt that JUST missed and the Atlai were able to move to 2-3 on the season.

This was a BIG game for BOTH teams as the Atlai were looking to get BACK in the Playoff hunt where the Archers were looking to RIGHT the ship. 1-4 and 2-3 is a HUGE difference for the Atlas, who still NEED to climb UP the leaderboard, but the WIN on Friday night can MAYBE start a RALLY. They face the Whipsnakes on Saturday night next weekend and that is going to be a TOUGH game for the Bulls, but so was this one.

For the Arrows, they are REALLY CLOSE to hitting the PANIC button. Just THREE weeks ago, they were 2-0 and WINNING against the Whipsnakes in Chicago in the FINAL minute of the game before Ryan Drenner LED the Snakes BACK into the game and SCORED the GAMEWINNER in OVERTIME. Since that game, the Archers have NOT won a game and ALSO sit at 2-3 on the season. They have the BEST lacrosse player in the world in Schreiber and the DUO of Marcus Holman and Will Manny has been OUTSTANDING this season but their defense TENDS to give up goals in bunches and ONE big run by the OPPOSING team has been the DEMISE of the Archers the LAST three weeks. The Arrows get the Redwoods next weekend, which is ONE of the teams they have BEATEN this season, so MAYBE that is what will RIGHT there ship.

This was an UNIQUE weekend for the PLL as instead of the USUAL Saturday-Sunday slate, we had a Friday-Saturday slate. I actually really LIKED this weekend’s format and one of the guys of The Crease Dive podcast were AT the games this weekend and they said there a BIGGER crowd on Friday night then Saturday, so this might be something the PLL thinks about next season. There are a COUPLE of weeks later in the season with the SAME format as this weekend but ULTIMATELY it all depends on NBC Sports and when they want the games being broadcasts. I am CURIOUS to see the ratings of Friday night’s game on NBC Sports Network and if it was HIGHER than some of the games that were on NBCSN on Saturdays.

In the FIRST game of the day on Saturday it was the WINLESS Chrome against the ROLLING Chaos. I thought this game was going to be a BLOWOUT and it CERTAINLY looked that way as the Riots were up 7-1 after the FIRST quarter BUT a goalie change by the Chrome seemed to WAKE them up as Brett Queener had a GREAT game.

The Chrome marched back to TIE the game in the fourth quarter and we were headed to OVERTIME in this one. For the Chrome it was their THIRD overtime obviously they had LOST both and it was ALSO the THIRD overtime game for the Chaos who were 1-1 in the EXTRA period.

It looked like the Chrome MIGHT get their FIRST win of the season, but the ball hit the PIPES and then on the other end it was Deemr Class ENDING the game for the Chaos.

The Chrome FALL to 0-5 on the season, having LOST to EVERY team in the league. EVEN THOUGH they are WINLESS, their goal differential is ONLY -6 so they have been RIGHT there in EVERY game and ONE of these games, the ball will DROP in THEIR favor. LUCKILY for them, they get to face the Chaos AGAIN this coming weekend so MAYBE they can learn from their MISTAKES this past weekend and get BETTER.

With the LOSS of the Whipsnakes, the Chaos are the BEST team in the league via goal differential and they sure look like it. They have to BLOWOUT their opponents like they did to the Atlas and WIN close games as well. Next weekend should be a BIG test for their GREAT offense as they get the Chrome the second time. It will be a matchup of the BEST team in the league against the WORST based on league standings.

The FINAL game of the weekend was the Redwoods taking on the UNDEFEATED Whipsnakes and this was a TOUGH matchup for the Snakes and thas EVIDENT from the start of the game. The GREAT Red Trees defense was able to STOP the Whipsnakes from having the BIG run they TEND to have ONCE a game.

This game was ALSO the Jules Heningburg REVENGE game as the Rutgers product was with the Whipsnakes for the FIRST three weeks of the season and then was TRADED to the Redwoods. He had a GREAT game once again and he is the ONLY player to NEVER lose a game in the PLL.

Kyle Harrison is ONE of the GREAT lacrosse players but he is PAST his prime to be GREAT in the PLL but he got the GAMEWINNING goal on Saturday so it was NICE flashback to his GLORY days.

The Roll Woods BIG issue was NOT having ENOUGH offense to go with their GREAT defense, but it seems like the ADDITION of Heningburg has HELPED the offense A TON and they are a FORCE to be reckoned with in the SECOND half. They get the Archers, who hold the bottom TWO playoff spots going into the SECOND half.

This was the FIRST loss for the Whipsnakes, who just got BEAT by the Redwoods that is going to happen. They take on the Atlai AGAIN next weekend so expect them to BOUNCE back next weekend.

That was the FINAL weekend of the SECOND half of the season and through the SECOND half the standings are as follows:

  1. Chaos 4-1 (+7)
  2. Whipsnakes 4-1 (+5)
  3. Redwoods 3-2 (+5)
  4. Archers 2-3 (-1)
  5. Atlas 2-3 (-10)
  6. Chrome 0-5 (-6)

The PLL announced the playoff format last week and it is a GREAT format to keep ALL teams INTERESTED through out the REMAINDER of the season.

This format REWARDS the top TWO teams so teams like the Whipsnakes and the Chaos are going to be AGGRESIVE all season even though they have a HUGE lead over the FIFTH team.

This format also does NOT reward the team with the WORST record the TOP pick in the draft so if the Chrome CONTINUE to be UNLUCKY they might be 0-10 with a -11 goal differential and still NOT get the BEST player aka Grant Ament or Pat Spencer in NEXT year’s draft.

I was AWFUL in my picks this past weekend, so I NEED a BOUNCE BACK week in DC next weekend.



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