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The Yankees went ACROSS the Pond and ENDED the Red Sox season in HORRIFIC fashion

The Red Sox’ strategy of NOT having a GOOD bullpen is BOLD and it is definitely NOT working out for them, which is GREAT to see as a Yankee fan

Photo via AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

The MLB is trying to GROW it footprint in Europe and that is why it tasked the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to play a TWO game set in London this weekend. Playing in a soccer field turned baseball diamond, the ball was FLYING for BOTH teams with the two RIVAL teams scoring FIFTY total runs. In the end it was the Yankees that won BOTH games that were EXTREMELY SLOOPY and now sit ELEVEN games ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East standings going into the month of July.

Yankees vs Red Sox London Series RECAP:

Game ONE: The Red Sox had given up TWO of their HOME games at Fenway Park to play this series and that is why they were the designated HOME team for the series. In the FIRST game on Saturday afternoon, the Yankees FEASTED on Rick Porcello scoring SIX runs in the FIRST inning including the FIRST ever Home Run hit in Europe by an MLB player coming off the bat of Aaron Hicks.

Rick Porcello, the Red Sox was taken OUT of the game with just TWO outs into the game and the Yankees had built a SIX run lead for Masahiro Tanaka going into the BOTTOM of the FIRST, who also STRUGGLED on Saturday. Masa did NOT have it either on Saturday and he served up SIX runs to the Red Sox in the BOTTOM of the first and the CRAZY game had JUST begun.

The FIRST inning lasted MORE than an Hour with the two teams combining to score TWELVE and BOTH starters were taken OUT of the game. The game was TIED at SIX going into the THIRD inning when Brett Gardner decided to get in on the RUN barrage.

The London Stadium was ORIGINALLY designed for the 2012 Olympics and is now occupied by the West Ham United Football Club so the dimensions of the stadium make it UNIQUE and the fences are SHORT for the batters to FEAST on as Gardy gave the Yankees the lead AGAIN.

The BIG inning for the Yankees in the FOURTH where they had the BASES LOADED for the BEST hitter on the team in DJ LeMahieu and he came through once AGAIN.

Going into the weekend, DJ had the HIGHEST average with Runners In Scoring Position of ANY player in MLB history and he only INCREASED his average this weekend.

The Yankees were NOT done in the inning as Aaron Judge the NEXT batter after DJ came to bat and he hit a BOMB to give the Yankees an EIGHT run lead.

THREE more runs in the FIFTH made it 17-6 for the Yankees who were FEASTING on the AWFUL Red Sox bullpen.

Things started getting INTERESTING in the SIXTH inning as the Red Sox hit a SOLO shot to make it 17-7, but the real DAMAGE came in the SEVENTH with TWO outs when the Red Sox scored SIX runs to make it 17-13 and were THREATENING to score MORE in the inning.

The Yankees were able to get out of the inning with the STILL being 17-13 after SEVEN and then the Red Sox THREATENED to score in the EIGHTH but Zack Britton was able to get out a BASES LOADED situation to keep it at 17-13 into the NINTH.

Aroldis Chapman should have NEVER had to pitch in a game where the Yankees LED 17-6 but he had to come in to game for the NINTH and worked around a single to give the Yankees the WIN in a NON save situation.

This was one CRAZY game, there were SO MANY points where I thought the Yankees had this game under their belt but the British crowd got to see a WILD game and ONE of the HIGHEST scoring games in the Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry.

The Yankees who were planning to go with a Bullpen game on Sunday used EIGHT pitchers in the game on Saturday including Chad Green and Nestor Cortes Jr., who were going to be the OPENER and LONG reliever for Sunday’s game.

Manager Aaron Boone had to get QUIRKY in finding ANOTHER starter for Sunday and Stephen Tarpley was the OPENER for the game with Luis Cessa and Chance Adams available as LONG relievers.

OUTSIDE of the CONUNDRUM with the Yankee pitching staff, the BIG thing of CONCERN for the Yankee fans was that Luke Voit was taken OUT of the game with an APPARENT leg injury and it looked like he had PULLED a hamstring but AFTER the game Aaron Boone said he was HOPEFUL that Voit was NOT seriously injured. In fact VOit was HEALTHY enough to play on Sunday but the Yankees kept him OFF the lineup and he was available OFF the bench so the Yankee fanbase can breath a HUGE sigh of RELIEF.

Game TWO: With THIRTY runs scored in the FIRST game in London, the oddsmaker had the Over/Under for Sunday Morning’s game set at 16.5, which was the HIGHEST in MLB history and the ball FLEW again at London Stadium.

Eduardo Rodriguez got the start for Boston in the FINAL game of the London Series while the Yankees went with the INEXPERIENCED Tarpley and the Red Sox FEASTED on the young Yankee. Tarpley gave up THREE home runs in the BOTTOM of the FIRST including a TWO run shot and the Red Sox lead 4-0 after ONE.

The Yankees were able to get BACK into the game with TWO runs in the SECOND and had the BASES LOADED but Aaron Hicks, who played the best TWO games of his season this weekend did NOT come up BIG in that spot and the game went into the BOTTOM of the SECOND with the Red Sox leading 4-2.

Boone put in Luis Cessa in the SECOND inning HOPING that he would keep the Red Sox at bay. Cessa had an ERA OVER 10 in the month of June going into the game so I FULLY expected the Yankees to PUNT the game BUT Cessa pitched GREAT tossing FOUR SHUTOUT innings and KEPT the Yankees in the game.

Runs were HARD to come off Eduardo Rodriguez so Cessa’s GREAT outing allowed the Yankees to keep the game CLOSE until the Red Sox were FORCED to go to their AWFUL bullpen and then FEAST on them.

Rodriguez wsa taken out in the SIXTH and that is when the Yankees WOKE up. The Bombers scored NINE runs in the SEVENTH inning to grab a 11-4 lead. EVERY Yankee CONTRIBUTED in the inning but the GAME WINNING hit came from Gary Sanchez who had STRUGGLED in the series going into this at bat.

The Red Sox bullpen is ONE of the WORST in the MLB and the Yankees CAPITALIZED on that ALL weekend. ALREADY leading 11-4 and on their path to VICTORY, the ONLY thing that fans cared about now was their ALL TIME MLB leading CONSECUTIVE Home run streak and Didi Gregorius CONTINUED the streak in the EIGHTH.

Things got INTERESTING in the BOTTOM of the EIGHTH as Chance Adams came into the game to FINISH the game for the Yankees but a BUNCH of BLOOP singles by the Red Sox helped them score FOUR runs in the inning and they were CLOSE to coming back into the game. Zack Britton came into the game to END the Red Sox rally but managed to LOAD the bases. LUCKILY for the Yankees, Britton was able to get OUT of the jam and KEPT the game at 12-8 going into the NINTH.

In the NINTH inning, Aroldis Chapman worked around a LEADOFF Double and to give the Yankees the SWEEP of the FIRST ever London Series. MORE IMPORTANTLY than the SWEEP of the London Series was the Yankees BURYING the Red Sox in the AL East standings going into July.

OVER NINE hours of action between the two games and FIFTY runs were presented as the FIRST MLB action in Europe by the Red Sox and the Yankees. The weekend was a HUGE success for the MLB and they have ALREADY announced that the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals will play in London NEXT season so the game CONTINUES to grow in Europe.

The offense was GREAT this weekend LED by DJ LeMahieu who got COUNTLESS big hits throughout the weekend. Mike Trout is a GREAT player for the Los Angeles Angels, but I think that DJ has a REAL case to be the MIDSEASON AL MVP. which is AMAZING considering the fact that MOST Yankee fans including me were NOT excited about his signing because we wanted BETTER players like Manny Machado OR Bryce Harper, BUT Brian Cashman found a GEM in DJ who is having ONE of the BEST seasons in the STORIED history of the Yankees.

Their were a TON of runs this weekend, I do NOT know if it was because of the SHORT outfields or the mound being NEWLY made but BOTH teams’ pitchers STRUGGLED throughout the weekend so there has to be SOMETHING going on. On the ESPN broadcast on Sunday’s game, they were mentioning that SOME of the pitchers had seen that the BREAKING balls were NOT breaking in the AIR inside the stadium so that MIGHT be the reason why EVERY pitcher EXCEPT Luis Cessa STRUGGLED this weekend.

The team is RETURNING to the US probably TONIGHT if not Tomorrow to finish the LAST week before the All Star BREAK. They will RESUME playing baseball in the US on Tuesday night at Citi Field against the New York Mets in a TWO game set before heading to Tampa Bay for a FOUR game set against the DEVIL Rays next weekend.

The ONLY team that has a WORSE bullpen than the Red Sox are the Mets so the SAME strategy from this weekend should be used by the Yankees this week against the Mets. The Yankees are SEVEN games ahead of the DEVIL Rays after Sunday’s games and with a STRONG showing next weekend, they can DISTANCE themselves off BOTH the DEVIL Rays and the Red Sox.


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