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If you call yourselves a Knicks fan, you should NOT go to the Garden to see them OR watch them on the MSG Networks until James Dolan SELLS the team

It was PRETENDING to CARE about basketball these past FEW months

The New York Knicks had a DREAM for about TWO years that during the 2019 NBA Free Agency period they would SIGN the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving to GO ALONG with their TOP draft pick Zion Williamson. The BIG THREE would return PROMINENCE to Madison Square Garden and END the LONG drought of the Knicks AT LEAST that is what EVERY Knicks fan DREAMT of as the ACTUAL team finished in the BOTTOM of the NBA EVERY year. They even TRADED away their BEST player since the LATE 1990s in Kristaps Porzingis to make ROOM for KD and Kyrie so it was INEVITABLE for the Knicks to be GREAT again.

Well a MONTH ago, we found out that the Knicks did NOT get the TOP pick in the draft so Zion Williamson was NOT coming here, they INSTEAD had to SETTLE for Zion’s FORMER teammate at Duke, RJ Barrett. The DREAM of having Zion as part of the BIG THREE, but RJ was the TOP player in this draft coming out of high school so they could STILL have a GOOD three players with RJ, Kyrie, AND KD. The DREAM was MODIFIED but STILL possible for the Knicks.

Then LAST week, the RUMORS started FLOATING that Kyrie PREFERRED signing with the Brooklyn Nets rather than the Knicks which was a BLOW to us Knicks fans BUT we were still going to get KD to go along with RJ and EVERYTHING was going to be FINE until KD TORE his Achilles and is going to be OUT for an EXTENDED period of time, but since the Knicks are so BAD he could EASILY rehab next season is what the NEW dream was for Knicks fans.

The free agents could OFFICIALLY sign with their NEW teams at 6 PM ET EARLIER today and just about an hour BEFORE that time, we got this WOJ BOMB that ENDED all dreams for Knicks fans EVERYWHERE.

NOT ONLY had KD and Kyrie PASSED on playing for the Knicks BUT they had decided to REMAIN in New York City and play for the Nets, who now OWN the town for the FIRST time in their HISTORY. This was a BIG slap to the face to Knicks fans everywhere ESPECIALLY the ones that watched this team EVERY NIGHT as they were TANKING the last FEW seasons (shoutout my boy Rob Carbone). I have been honest that I am NOT a DIEHARD Knicks fan, BUT I was looking forward to getting back to watching them this coming season, but I am NOT going to watch them TANK again so we will try AGAIN in 2021!

The Knicks SHOULD BE the PREMIER place for free agents to sign as they play in New York City and the Garden is considered the MECCA of Basketball. Today’s signings show there is an INHERENT problem with the Knicks franchise and it STARTS right at the TOP of the organization chart in team owner James Dolan. For SOME reason, NO player EXCEPT for Carmelo Anthony, wants to play for Dolan and that is THE reason why the Knicks are a DUMPSTER FIRE.

Dolan has had his SHARE of ISSUES and CONTROVERSIES but you would think that ELITE players would be able to LET that GO to play for HIM but he is obviously so TOXIC within the NBA community that NO ELITE NBA talent EVEN thinks about coming to the Knicks and I do NOT blame them ONE BIT.

A couple of hours after we found that KD and Kyrie had OFFICIALLY signed with the Nets, the reason WHY the Knicks did NOT get KD came out and it was an AWFUL look for the Knicks franchise.

I mean ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? EVEN if KD was NEVER going to play basketball again, the Knicks are in NO place to have LEVERAGE over him. They should have offered ALL the money they could offer to get him here and WIN over the fanbase that HATES the franchise right now. KD might NOT be the SAME player again that he was BEFORE the injury BUT still he would the BEST player on the Knicks since Patrick Ewing so that ALONE should WARRANT them signing him but they did NOT and they are the MOCKERY of the NBA.

This is THE problem with the Knicks and we fans have to STOP this mess. We have to STOP watching them on TV AND STOP going to their games at the Garden. ONCE Dolan starts LOSING money on the Knicks, he will FIX the issues in the franchise OR sell the team and that is the ONLY way the Knicks are going to become GREAT again. IF Optimum did NOT have a monopoly as the ONLY Internet Provider in my area I would SWITCH right now but I CANNOT but TRUST ME I am going to MAKE SURE that I put ZERO dollars in Dolan’s pockets.

As I am WRITING this blog, the Knicks released a statement and it is going to ANGER the fanbase EVEN more.

This is TERRIBLE. The Knicks need to just STOP talking and HOPE that RJ Barrett turns into a SUPERSTAR and has the ability to ATTRACT a couple of players to play with him in a couple of years.

The night was NOT all doom and gloom for the Knicks as they DID make HUGE free agent signings that their fanbase wanted!

Who needs KD and Kyrie when we have Taj Gibson AND Julius Randle?? 2020 NBA Championship BACK ON!



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