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Premier Lacrosse League Week FIVE Picks

I am here to make you RICH betting on the League of the FUTURE

We have reached the FIFTH week of the INAUGURAL PLL season, this weekend the league is in Atlanta before heading BACK to the North East next weekend. LAST weekend in Baltimore, we saw the first SELL OUT in league history and three REALLY GOOD games, read more about them HERE. This weekend is UNIQUE as it is a Friday-Saturday pair rather than the Saturday-Sunday pairs we have seen EVERY weekend thus far this summer. We will see the FIRST rendition of Friday Night Lights tonight so I am looking forward to it. I had a GREAT week with my picks last weekend here is a RECAP before the picks for this weekend.

Week FOUR- Baltimore Picks Recap:

Game 1: Chrome at Redwoods (-1.5). My Pick- Chrome WIN, Actual- Redwoods COVER

Game 2: Whipsnakes (-2.5) at Atlas. My Pick- Whipsnakes COVER, Actual- Whipsnakes COVER

Game 3: Archers at Chaos (-1.5). My Pick- Chaos WIN but do NOT cover, Actual- Chaos WIN but do NOT cover

OVERALL Record for the season: Avi’s Spread- 4-5, STRAIGHT UP- 5-4

The games for this week are the Atlas at the Archers, the Chaos at the Chrome, AND the Redwoods at the Whipsnakes.

Game ONE: Tonight- The Atlas Lacrosse Club at the Archers Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line- Archers -2.5)

LAST WEEK in Baltimore the Atlai had a chance to BEAT the Whipsnakes as they LED going into the FOURTH quarter but an 8-0 run by the Snakes put the Bulls AWAY. This week is a CLOSE to being DESPERATION mode for the Atlas, who are FIFTH in the League standings and the Archers are FOURTH with the TOP FOUR making the Playoffs. I think they are going to come out FIRING again but can they STOP the Archers offense that scores in BUNCHES.

The Archers ship is SINKING and they NEED to get back on water and the Atlas are the PERFECT anchor for them. The Arrows have lost TWO in a row and last week they were being DOMINATED by the Chaos before a LATE run by the Archers made it CLOSE and they were able to COVER the spread. I think their offense is LIGHTYEARS better than the Atlai defense and should score AT WILL tonight. Scott Ratliff who is their leader on defense is from the Atlanta area so expect him to deliver some BIG hits in front of the HOME crowd tonight.

I LOVE the Archers to COVER and win BIG tonight, it is going to be a BLOWOUT tonight in Hotlanta in front of a National TV audience.

Game TWO: Saturday Afternoon- The Chaos Lacrosse Club at the Chrome Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold) (Avi’s Line- Chaos -2.5)

The Chaos were DOMINATING the game last Sunday before they ALMOST blew the lead at the END of the game, but they managed to WIN and are ONE of the BEST teams in the league. Their LONE loss came to the Whipsnakes in OVERTIME in Week ONE and they look like a GREAT team. Their offense is OUT of this world look for a TON of TWO point shots and BEHIND the back attempts in this game tomorrow.

The Chrome are in DESPERATION mode, they are 0-4 on the season and their next TWO games are against the Chaos so they HAVE TO win AT LEAST one of the next two games against the Riots. They added some STRENGTH to their defense by adding Joe Fletcher, a former MLL Defensive Player of the year but I do NOT think that will be ENOUGH for them to get a WIN this weekend.

The BEST offense in the league takes on a team that is trying to AVOID losing EVERY game in the FIRST round robin of the season. BOTH teams play each other AGAIN next weekend so the BEST chance for the Chrome might be to SCOUT the Chaos this weekend and go ALL IN next weekend. In the game tomorrow, I think the Chaos will HOVER around the spread ALL game and get a LATE goal to COVER the spread.

Game THREE: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Redwoods Lacrosse Club at the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold) (Avi’s Line- Whipsnakes -1.5)

Last weekend it was ALL Jules Heningburg for the Redwoods, the Rutgers product DOMINATED the game totaling EIGHT points to LEAD the Redwoods who SNAPPED a TWO game LOSING streak. This weekend is going to be a BIG test for their GREAT defense against the SYSTEMATIC offense of the Whipsnakes, should be a GREAT battle on that side of the field.

The Whipsnakes were looking like they were going to play another CLOSE game on Saturday night before they had a 8-0 run in the FOURTH quarter and got their first EASY win of the season, they are 4-0 and ATOP the standings. They are a COMPLETE team and will look to beat EVERY team through the first Round Robin of the season.

This is going to be the Jules Heningburg REVENGE game as he played the first THREE weeks of the season with the Snakes before being TRADED to the Red Trees. I think that the Redwoods will SLOW down the Whipsnakes but the Snakes will WIN but will NOT be able to COVER the spread in the FINAL game of the weekend.

My picks for this week are the Archers COVERING, the Chaos COVERING, and the Whipsnakes WINNING but NOT covering. As ALWAYS, feel free to SLIDE into the DM’s for SIDE wagers on the PLL and take ALL my money.


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