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The New York Yankees are the BEST team in the American League!!

I KNOW the Twins have a BETTER record than the Yankees, BUT if the two teams played a 100 times, the Yankees would WIN ALL 100 times, even the Twins fans know that!

The New York Yankees took on the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays AND the Houston Astros this week in the Bronx. IF the season ended TODAY, BOTH of those teams would be in the Playoffs BUT the Yankees went 6-1 against those teams this week and have opened a HUGE lead in the standings with the FOURTH place Toronto Blue Jays coming to town before they head ACROSS the Pond.

Yankees vs Astros Series RECAP:

Game ONE: This was a HUGE series for the Yankees, coming off the SWEEP of the DEVIL Rays they needed to KEEP the Momentum going against the Astros, who SWEPT the Yankees EARLIER this season. The Yankees went with the OPENER in the game on Thursday night and BOTH Chad Green and Nestor Cortes Jr. did their JOBS and thanks to Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres AND DJ LeMahieu in the FOURTH, the Yankees are now 6-0 in games started by OPENERS this season.

The Yankees have had a TON of SUCCESS with the OPENER strategy and with the STRUGGLES of some of the OTHER starters, the Yankees are going to CONTINUE using the OPENER for the FORESEEABLE Future.

Game TWO: Friday night was the BIG return of Aaron Judge to the lineup, who DID NOT do anything over the weekend, BUT remember that he took until about SIX games into the season to get going EARLIER this year.

The BIG Maple aka James Paxton took the mound on Friday night for the Yankees and he had a GOOD start getting himself IN and OUT of trouble ALL NIGHT but gave up just ONE run in FIVE innings and AGAIN thanks to Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres, Paxton got the WIN on Friday night.

The Yankees had to use the FRONT of their bullpen to get the WIN on Friday night as Paxton only went FIVE innings and that meant that SOME of their GREAT bullpen arms would be UNAVAILABLE on Saturday night when the Yankees were looking to TAKE the series against the Astros.

Game THREE: The LAST time Masahiro Tanaka took the mound, which was on Monday night against the DEVIL Rays, he threw a COMPLETE game TWO-hit SHUTOUT, the Yankees were looking for the SAME thing from Masa and he did NOT quite give them the SAME thing but did ENOUGH. He went SIX innings of TWO run ball and was IN line to get the WIN thanks to a Gio Urshela home run and a Giancarlo Stanton TWO run single but SINCE the FRONT of the bullpen was USED on Friday night, Jonathan Holder came into the game and BLEW the lead for the Yankees.

The Yankees were down 5-4 going into the BOTTOM of the SEVENTH and it did NOT take long for them to TIE this one as Austin Romine SLAPPED a ball to right field.

They were NOT done in the SEVENTH as they had TWO runners on base for Giancarlo Stanton, who CAME THROUGH once again driving in TWO and giving the Yankees the LEAD. Stanton has YET TO hit a Home Run since REJOINING the club on Tuesday but his CLUTCH hits on Saturday helped the Yankees.

As I said EARLIER, the Yankees were SHORT in the bullpen so Zack Britton had to COME IN to get the SAVE in the NINTH, Britton has had his STRUGGLES against the Astros this season, BLOWING a game in the SWEEP earlier this season. Those STRUGGLES continued on Saturday night as the Astros got TWO on in the NINTH but Britton was able to WORK AROUND his STRUGGLES and got the SAVE and gave the Yankees the series WIN over the Astros.

Game FOUR: It was Old Timers’ Day at Yankee Stadium on Sunday and the BIG crowds got NOTHING to see from the CURRENT Yankees as JA Happ gave up a home run to the FIRST batter of the day, Jose Altuve. In total, Happ gave up EIGHT runs in the game and has become the WORST starter on the team.

The Yankees offense had the DIFFICULT task of facing Justin Verlander and they had ALL sorts of STRUGGLES as Verlander DOMINATED them and was able to AVOID the Yankees SWEEPING the Astros.

The LONE highlight for the Yankees came when DJ LeMahieu hit a ball to the Right Field Porch and we saw HISTORY in the Bronx.

With that home run, the Yankees have hit a home run in TWENTY SIX straight games, which is a FRANCHISE RECORD. They will look to TIE the MLB record tonight.

This week for HUGE for the Yankees as they beat up on TWO great teams, the ONLY team with a BETTER record in the American League than the Yankees are the Minnesota Twins, who have a HISTORY of getting DOMINATED by the Yankees in the Postseason so I am NOT worried. The Yankees were up just a HALF game in the AL East coming into LAST Monday, they are now 4.5 games AHEAD of the DEVIL Rays and EIGHT up on the Boston Red Sox.

They will look to TIE the MLB record for CONSECUTIVE home runs against the Toronto Blue Jays who come to the Bronx in the last THREE games of this HOMESTAND. The Blue Jays won TWO out of THREE against the Bombers in Toronto EARLIER this month so the Yankees will look to RETURN the favor before they hop on their planes to go ACROSS the Pond and taking on the Red Sox in London NEXT Weekend.


Game ONE: Tonight- CC Sabathia vs Aaron Sanchez

Game TWO: Tuesday Night- TBD* vs Clayton Richard

Game THREE: Wednesday Afternoon- James Paxton vs Trent Thornton

*- The Yankees have NOT announced the starter for Tuesday night as of me writing this blog BUT it is PROBABLY going to be Chad Green as the OPENER.


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