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Premier Lacrosse League Week FOUR: They BUILT it and People CAME

There is NO place better to play lacrosse than UNDER the Lights in front of a SELL OUT crowd at Homewood Field and the PLL got just that on Saturday Night

Photo via Twitter

The FOURTH week of the INAUGURAL PLL season just WRAPPED UP down in Baltimore at the HOME of Lacrosse, Homewood Field and it was a HOME RUN for the league as we saw THREE great games and the FIRST SELLOUT in League HISTORY on Saturday Night. The League has a TON of momentum as it heads to Atlanta next weekend with my BELOVED Whipsnakes sitting ATOP the Standings.

I said it my RECAP of last week and my PICKS blog on Friday that ALL the people COMPLAINING about the LOW attendance at PLL games will SHUT UP after the Whipsnakes vs Atlas game on Saturday Night and that is EXACTLY what happened under the lights at Homewood Field. I thought that there would be NORTH of 6000 people in attendance for the game but it was a SELL OUT so there were ATLEAST 8500 people there and MORE as it was standing room only based on this tweet by League CEO Michael Rabil.

Being in attendance for ALL but one Hopkins Lacrosse HOME games the past TWO seasons, I had NO DOUBT in my mind that the Charm City faithful would show up in BIG numbers for the game on Saturday night and that was the case. Now that the HATERS of the PLL have been SHUT UP, here is the RECAP of this weekend’s action.

Game ONE: The Chrome at the Redwoods

This past week, the PLL announced the integration of a Trade Window where the head coaches of the SIX teams can EXCHANGE players as well as FUTURE draft picks and we saw the FIRST trade in League HISTORY when the Whipsnakes sent Jules Heningburg to the Redwoods in EXCHANGE of Alec Tulett and a FOURTH round draft pick in next year’s draft. It seemed like a MATCH made in HEAVEN for the Red Trees as Heningburg put together the BEST game statistically by ANY player in League HISTORY to help the Redwoods SNAP a TWO game LOSING streak by BEATING the Chrome in the FIRST game of the weekend.

The Redwoods were in NEED of ANOTHER attackman to go with their GREAT defense and Heningburg was that guy that can get the Woods ROLLING. The Red Trees move to 2-2 on the season and will take on the Whipsnakes next weekend, in what is going to be the Heningburg REVENGE game.

On the otherhand, the Chrome come up SHORT once again and this time despite a GREAT second quarter where it looked like they could take COMMAND of this game, they could NOT get the job done and fall to 0-4 on the season. The Chrome have played some GREAT lacrosse this season but have fell VICTIM to THREE overtime losses and the Red Woods catching on FIRE on Saturday. Things DO NOT get easy for the Chrome who will take on the HIGH POWER offense of the Chaos next weekend as they look to AVOID losing to EVERY team in the League through the first go-around of the season.

Game TWO: The Whipsnakes at the Atlas

This was THE game of the weekend. MOST of the players on the two rosters playing their college lacrosse at EITHER Maryland or Johns Hopkins. The game being played UNDER the Lights at Homewood Field in front of RECORD crowds, the ONLY thing MISSING from this game was the Hopkins band playing #WeWantMore after EVERY Atlai goal as we saw FLASHES of the GREATEST RIVALRY in the sport of lacrosse between Maryland and Johns Hopkins.

On Saturday night, it was the Whipsnakes with a TON of Maryland players on their roster and the Atlai with a Hopkins FLAIR to their roster and we saw a GREAT first THREE and a HALF quarters of lacrosse in this one.

Paul Rabil and the Bulls were keeping the game CLOSE with Matt Rambo and the Snakes and the Atlai had the LEAD going into the fourth quarter against the UNDEFEATED Whipsnakes but the Snakes are a FOURTH quarter team with the Atlas up 9-7, the Whipsnakes went on a 8-0 run to put the Bulls away in this one.

Even though this game was ALL about the RIVALRY between Johns Hopkins and Maryland, it was ALSO Homecoming for Towson Alum Ryan Drenner and he STARTED the 8-0 run and scored what would be the game WINNER during the run. Drenner has scored the game WINNING goal for the Whipsnakes in THREE straight games and with the HAT TRICK on Saturday night, he LED the PLL in goals going into Sunday.

The Dripsnakes are the ONLY UNDEFEATED team in the PLL and they will look to go UNDEFEATED through the first go-around this season when they take on the Redwoods next Saturday.

Meanwhile the Atlai fall to 1-3 on the season and they are in DESPERATION mode if they want to make the playoffs, they will take on the Archers on Friday night.

Game THREE: The Archers at the Chaos

This was going to be a GREAT game with the two great OFFENSES facing off and we got an INSTANT classic. The Chaos DOMINATED the first half leading 10-4 AIDED by this BEHIND THE BACK goal by Miles Thompson.

The Arrows were NOT done as they SOARED back in the second half and pulled to within ONE of the Chaos with LESS than TWO minutes left on this Kevin Rice goal.

BUT the Chaos HELD ON as the Archers COULD NOT find the BACK of the net on the LAST possession of the game.

The Chaos have won THREE straight and sit at SECOND in the standings, they will take on the WINLESS Chrome next weekend so look for the Riots to CONTINUE Rolling next weekend.

The Arrows will face the Atlai on Friday night as they look to SNAP their TWO game losing streak and are heading in the WRONG direction.

OVERALL the PLL had a GREAT weekend with the HIGHLIGHT being Saturday night, they RETURN to the Maryland-DC area in TWO weeks when the Atlas will face the Whipsnakes in Washington DC. Next weekend the PLL heads to Atlanta, which is NOT considered a Lacrosse HOTBED like Baltimore BUT the MLL has had success there so we will see how the south east shows up for the FASTEST growing league in the world.

Speaking of FASTEST growing, people should be UNLUCKY that there are NO Sportsbooks taking bets for the PLL yet because I am HOT with my PLL picks right now, MORE coming on Friday morning.


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