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Premier Lacrosse League Week FOUR Picks

I am STARTING to FIGURE OUT this whole PLL thing

Welcome BACK to the LEADING place for the PLL picks on the planet. I am the HOTTEST picker on the planet getting AT LEAST one of TWO picks in EACH game so I am ROLLING and this week is HUGE because it is the BIGGEST week for the PLL yet. I said it in my RECAP earlier this week that with the games being in Baltimore at Homewood Field this weekend and them STACKING the card having the Whipsnakes and the Atlas playing on Saturday night is going to be a HUGE test if the PLL can succeed. Before my picks for this weekend’s action, here is a RECAP of my picks last week.

Week THREE- Chicago Picks Recap:

Game 1: Chaos (-1.5) at Redwoods. My pick- Chaos COVER. Actual- Chaos WIN by ONE

Game 2: Archers at Whipsnakes (Pick Em). My Pick- Whipsnakes, Actual- Whipsnakes WIN

Game 3: Atlas at Chrome (-1.5). My Pick- Chrome WIN but do NOT cover. Actual- Atlas WIN

OVERALL record for the season: Avi’s Spread: 2-4. STRAIGHT UP: 3-3

The games for this week in Baltimore are the Chrome at the Redwoods, the Whipsnakes at the Atlas, the Archers at the Chaos.

Game ONE: Saturday Afternoon- The Chrome Lacrosse Club at the Redwoods Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line: Redwoods -1.5)

The Chrome have been the UNLUCKIEST team in the PLL thus far. They have LOST two games in OVERTIME and LOST last week to the Atlas with a LAST minute goal so they have played CLOSE games but came up SHORT each time. I think that the Chrome are really GOOD team with some FIRE power on offense and it is a matter of time where they start ROLLING and I think taking on the Redwoods this weekend might be a GOOD first step towards getting a WIN.

The Redwoods have the BEST defense in the PLL and they KEPT the GREAT Chaos’ offense in check last week but they came up SHORT again, this time in OVERTIME. The Redwoods have LOST their last TWO both being by a GOAL, they get Matt Landis back this week so their offense should get BETTER but they just need to find a way to put the ball in the net because they are GREAT in STOPPING the other team doing that.

This is the LONE game on National TV this weekend and it is going to be a LOW scoring affair as MOST Redwoods games are going to be. Kyle Harrison is the “HOST” in this game as he RETURNS to Homewood Field where he played a GREAT college career at Johns Hopkins, I think he is going to DIAL it BACK and the Redwoods offense will keep it CLOSE but the Chrome are in DESPERATION mode and will be AGGRESSIVE, I think that the Chrome WIN this one but the Redwoods will keep it CLOSE so that the Chrome CANNOT cover.

Game TWO: Saturday Night- The Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club at the Atlas Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold) (Avi’s Line: Whipsnakes -2.5)

While the Chrome are the UNLUCKIEST team in the league, the Whipsnakes are the LUCKIEST. All THREE of their games have gone into OVERTIME and they have come out on TOP in ALL of them. Last week in Chicago, it was fellow Towson Alum Ryan Drenner scoring FOUR straight at the END of the game to LIFT the Whipsnakes. EVEN THOUGH they are 3-0, there is a GLARING issue with the squad and that is PRESERVING leads, they have had BIG leads in all THREE games but have BLOWN them towards the END of the game and have had to COME BACK and WIN in OVERTIME. This is going to be a HOMECOMING game for almost ALL of their roster played College Lacrosse NOT too far from the Baltimore area.

The Atlas were able to get their FIRST win in franchise history when Connor Buczek scoring the GAME WINNER in the LAST minute of overtime. That was their BEST game BY FAR they have played this season. I think this week is going to be TOUGH for the Bulls because their defense has been SHAKY and the Whipsnakes have the ability to score goals in BUNCHES. Guys like Paul Rabil, Ryan Brown, and Joel Tinney played their College Lax right there at Homewood for Johns Hopkins and the Atlai are going to NEED those guys to TURN it ON are LIFT them over the Snakes.

This is the BIGGEST game in PLL history thus far. MOST of the players that will take the field on Saturday night played for EITHER Maryland or Johns Hopkins, the two schools that is considered the GREATEST Rivalry in the sport of lacrosse at ANY level. This game is on the campus of Johns Hopkins so I expect those UMD/JHU players to TURN it UP for this game. Ryan Drenner is a RARE case on Saturday night that did NOT play for either of those two schools BUT he played about EIGHT miles away from Homewood at Towson so it is a HOMECOMING for him as well.

The PLL has made this a SINGLE admission game with the game being ONLY available on NBC Sports Gold and it is the FIRST night game in League HISTORY so IF they CANNOT draw AT LEAST 6000 fans for this game than the league office might be looking for the PANIC button because this is the BIGGEST draw that the league is going to have and IF fans still do NOT show up then I do NOT know when they will.

As far as the game goes, I do NOT think this game is going to be CLOSE and the Dripsnakes are going to ROLL in this one and EASILY cover the HEFTY spread.

Game THREE: Sunday LATE Afternoon- The Archers Lacrosse Club at the Chaos Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold ) (Avi’s Line: Chaos -1.5)

BOTH of these teams come into this one at 2-1, with BOTH teams LOSING their LONE games in OVERTIME to the Whipsnakes so BOTH are basically EVEN. For the Archers, ALL of their games have been ONE goal games and TWO of the BEST offenses will take on each other. The Arrows have SLIGHTLY the better defense to keep this one CLOSE but I think we MIGHT see THIRTY or MORE goals in this one.

The Chaos have the BEST offense in the league and last week they OVERCAME the GREAT Redwoods’ defense, the Archers do NOT have as good of a defense as the Red Trees so the Chaos are going to score a TON of goals on Sunday.

It is going to be a BACK and FORTH HIGH SCORING game and I like the Chaos to WIN this one but the Archers will keep it CLOSE and score in the LAST minute to MAKE SURE that the Riots DO NOT cover this one.

My picks for this week are the Chrome to WIN but do NOT cover, the Whipsnakes to COVER, and the Chaos to WIN but do NOT cover. As ALWAYS, there is NO way to OFFICIALLY bet the PLL yet, but if you are a DEGENERATE like myself, feel free to SLIDE into the Twitter DM’s and we can do some SIDE wagers.


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