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The Yankees have decided to BEAT UP on GOOD teams, so LOOK OUT the REST of the MLB

The LULL last week for the Yankees was WORTH IT now as they have WOKEN UP

The New York Yankees were heading in the WRONG direction, LOSING series to teams like the Toronto Blue Jays AND the Cleveland Indians, while managing JUST a SPLIT against the New York Mets and the Chicago White Sox, but they have won FIVE games in a row including SWEEPING the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays who came into the series just a HALF game BACK of the Yankees ATOP the AL East. This weekend, the Houston Astros come to the Bronx and IF the season ended TODAY, this would be ONE of the ALDS Matchups, so BIG games CONTINUE for the Yankees.

Yankees vs DEVIL Rays Series Recap:

Game ONE- The Yankees had WON the last TWO games of the White Sox series so they had some MOMENTUM going into the DEVIL Rays series and Monday night’s game can be described by just TWO words: Masahiro Tanaka, who DOMINATED the DEVIL Rays. Tanaka turned in ONE of the BEST starts in RECENT memory for the Yankees throwing a COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUT allowing just TWO hits and got the WIN.

WHENEVER DJ LeMahieu comes to bat and he sees a Runner In SCORING Position, he HATES seeing those runners out there and wants to get them HOME and that is what he did on Monday Night giving the Yankees the LEAD that Tanaka made sure WOULD NOT go away.

DJ has the BEST average of ANY player in the MLB with Runners On SCORING Position and he has been a GODSEND for the Yankees. With the roster being currently in a PREDICAMENT due to EXCESS players as people are getting HEALTHY and coming BACK to the Bronx, the Yankees make sure that DJ plays EVERY night even if it is at a DIFFERENT position each game. DJ STRUGGLED in the first FEW games of playing Musical Chairs but it seems like he has ADJUSTED to his NEW role and has started to DOMINATE the REST of the MLB again.

Day TWO- The Yankees had WON the FIRST game of a THREE or MORE game series for the FIRST time since the Red Sox series and NEEDED to WIN this series against the DEVIL Rays with JA Happ on the mound for the Yankees and the DEVIL Rays going with a Bullpen game in a game that was DELAYED about an HOUR and TWENTY minutes at the START.

Happ STRUGGLED against the White Sox in his LAST start so the Yankees NEEDED a BOUNCE BACK and he was NOT great on Tuesday night but he was able to LIMIT the DEVIL Rays to just TWO runs in FIVE innings and thanks to FOUR straight and FIVE total SINGLES in the BOTTOM of the FIFTH, the Yankees scored THREE runs to give Happ a CHANCE to WIN the game.

The Yankees have been on a GREAT streak of home runs where they have hit a home run in TWENTY TWO straight games and going into the SEVENTH inning on Tuesday night they did NOT have a home run BUT Cameron Maybin hit his FOUR home run in as many games to EXTEND his personal HOME RUN streak to FOUR games and the Yankees streak to TWENTY ONE.

Maybin has been GREAT as the FOURTH outfielder and has become a VALUABLE piece of this team BUT his days might be NUMBERED in the Bronx. The Yankees are INSISTENT on having just THREE players on the bench and with Aaron Judge SLOTTED to come BACK on Friday night that would leave Gio Urshela, Austin Romine, Brett Gardner, AND Cameron Maybin as candidates for those THREE spots on the bench. It seems like Maybin is going to be ODD man out and it is a SHAME because he has been FANTASTIC in his role. The Yankees could KEEP Maybin and SENT DOWN a bullpen pitcher to make ROOM for Judge but they have NOT done that in the PAST so things will be INTERESTING on Friday when Judge comes BACK. I think they should just SENT DOWN a bullpen pitcher and KEEP Maybin BUT I am NOT running an MLB Franchise right now.

As far as the game on Tuesday night, there was STILL some EXCITEMENT left on the Yankee bench and we saw the FIRST home run of Edwin Encarnacion’s Yankee career.

I have had TERRORS of Edwin FEASTING on Yankee pitchers THROUGHOUT his career so I am HAPPY that he is now HITTING those home runs FOR the Yankees and NOT against them. EVER SINCE the Encarnacion trade was ANNOUNCED on Saturday night, the Yankees have NOT lost a game, which puts him as a CONTENDER for AL MVP.

The Yankees EASILY won the game on Tuesday NIGHT to WIN their FIRST series since that Red Sox series in the FIRST week of June and they were looking to SWEEP the DEVIL Rays on Wednesday night.

Game THREE- The Yankees had to WAIT till the SEVENTH inning to EXTEND their HOME RUN streak on Tuesday night but with the FIRST two BATTERS of the game getting ON BASE in the BOTTOM of the FIRST, Gary Sanchez EXTENDED the Yankees Home Run streak to TWENTY TWO right away in the FIRST inning.

Blake Snell took the mound for the DEVIL Rays on Wednesday afternoon, who WON the 2018 AL Cy Young award and was GREAT in his first TWO starts of the season against the Yankees BUT on Wednesday he was TRASH. Snell got just ONE out before being taken OUT of the game and in total he was charged with SIX runs in the BOTTOM of the FIRST.

The Yankees were COASTING from that HUGE first inning and were EASILY going to WIN the game BUT Gleyber Torres had SOMETHING to say to ALL of his HATERS that say that he ONLY hits home runs against the Baltimore Orioles. Gleyber got to bat with the BASES LOADED and then THIS happened.

Gleyber hit his FIRST career GRAND SLAM and the Yankees made a MOCKERY of the DEVIL Rays in this THREE game SWEEP and now take a COMMANDING 3.5 game LEAD in the AL East.

Wednesday’s WIN was SPECIAL for the Yankees as CC Sabathia got his 250th career WIN after tossing SIX innings and giving up just ONE run. CC joined RAREFIED company on Wednesday afternoon and is a LOCK to make to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

CC has had a GREAT career and I would LOVE for his career to END with ANOTHER World Series WIN for him at the END of this season.

This SWEEP of the DEVIL Rays was HUGE for the Yankees, who had been STRUGGLING coming into the series. The Yankees are now 7-2 in games against the DEVIL Rays this season, COMBINE that with their 4-1 record against the Red Sox, the Yankees are playing GREAT against CONTENDING teams in their division.


I HAD to add this section to the blogs with the amount of INJURIES that the Yankees had this season and here are the LATEST updates on the HOBBLED Yankees:

  • Giancarlo Stanton RETURNED to the Yankees on Tuesday and STRUGGLED at the plate but I am HAPPY to see him BACK in the BIG Leagues.
  • Luis Severino has STARTED to throw off FLAT ground and is going to TRY to throw off the mound NEXT week, so he is STILL about 8-10 weeks AWAY from coming back.
  • Jordan Montgomery, who is coming BACK from Tommy John Surgery felt DISCOMFORT in his arm after a bullpen session and is going to be EVALUATED further in the next COUPLE of days.
  • I had to save the BIGGEST injury UPDATE at the END and that is Aaron Judge, who seems like is HEALTHY, but you can be the JUDGE of that.

Judge is going to be BACK on Friday night as the Yankee want him to play some games this week before the BIG series in London against the Red Sox next weekend.

The FIVE probable Postseason times in the American League Playoffs are the Minnesota Twins, the Astros, the Yankees, the DEVIL Rays AND the Red Sox. RIGHT NOW the Yankees have a WINNING record against the Twins, the DEVIL Rays, AND the Red Sox this season and got SWEPT by the Astros in Houston earlier this season. Well now, the Astros are coming to the Bronx for a FOUR game set this weekend in a HUGE game for BOTH teams.

The Yankees are CELEBRATING Hope Week this week and that will a GLAMOROUS end on Sunday afternoon with the Old Timer’s Day game on Sunday and Mariano Rivera is going to make his DEBUT in that game so that should be a TON of fun.

PITCHING Probables

Game 1: Tonight- Chad Green* vs Framber Valdez

Game 2: Friday Night- James Paxton vs Brad Peacock

Game 3: Saturday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Wade Miley

Game 4: Sunday Afternoon- JA Happ vs Justin Verlander

*- The Yankees are going with the Bullpen game tonight, they are 5-0 in those games this season.


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