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Premier Lacrosse League Week THREE: Ryan Drenner IS the MOST CLUTCH player in PLL History!

BUCKLE UP folks, I think the PLL is going to be SPECIAL

Photo via @PremierLacrosse Twitter account

We are now THREE weeks into the INAUGURAL season of the PLL and the MOMENTUM is ROLLING for the league. This PAST weekend in Chicago we saw TWO overtime games, a BRAWL, the MOST CLUTCH performance EVER, and a GREAT game on National TV. The TOTAL goal differential of the THREE games was just THREE goals and for a league LOOKING to BUILD a BRAND NEW fanbase having CLOSE games and VIRAL moments are a GREAT first step.

Next week is going to be a HUGE benchmark point for the PLL when it heads to the HOME of Lacrosse, Homewood Field in Baltimore. I think that we will see MORE than 8000 fans at EACH game next weekend, and IF the crowds are LOW next weekend than that is the FIRST time that I am starting to DOUBT how long the PLL can SURVIVE if NO ONE shows up to their games.

This past weekend in Chicago we saw THREE games between teams that had MIRRORING records. In the FIRST game on Saturday it was the Chaos and the Redwoods, who were BOTH 1-1 going into the weekend, the SECOND game of the day was the Whipsnakes and the Archers in the BATTLE to be the LAST UNDEFEATED team in the league as BOTH squads were 2-0. The LONE game on Sunday saw the Chrome and the Atlas looking to get their FIRST League WINS ever.

Game ONE: The Chaos vs the Redwoods

In the FIRST game of the day it was the best DEFENSE in the league, the Chaos vs the best DEFENSE, the Redwoods. It was a BACK and FORTH affair and we saw SOME FIREWORKS in the MIDDLE of the game, which was the FIRST viral moment of the league.

The FIGHT between the TWO squads lit it up and we can say that this is the FIRST matchup of the PLL where there is NO love LOST between the TWO teams. The ARGUMENT could be made that having fights like this is NOT good for the GROWTH of the league as it is NOT the WWE, but between GREAT performances on the field like I will get to LATER, you NEED some moments like this one. The clip above is the MOST VIEWED clip of the PLL thus far and NEW audiences are FINDING OUT about the league and they will learn about the GREAT performances on the field thus GROWING the league.

As far as the game between the Chaos and the Redwoods it was the Chaos and Josh Byrne that got the LAST laugh.

The Chaos WIN their FIRST overtime game after LOSING in OVERTIME to the Whipsnakes in Week ONE while this was the FIRST Overtime game for the Redwoods, which means ONLY the Atlai have NOT played an OVERTIME game this season. HOWEVER, EVERY game played on NBC Sports Gold has gone into OVERTIME and the Atlai are playing on Gold next weekend so we will see WHICH streak gives.

After that LOSS to the Whipsnakes, the Chaos have managed TWO wins in a row, which is good enough for them to be SECOND in the league after THREE weeks. MEANWHILE, the Redwoods have LOST their last TWO games both by a GOAL and fall to FOURTH in the league at 1-2. The Chaos take on the Archers next week while the Redwoods get the Chrome.

Game TWO: The Whipsnakes vs the Archers

This was THE game of the league thus far, the TWO best teams were FACING off and just like the case in ALL of the games this season, the Whipsnakes jumped out to an EARLY 4-0 lead after the FIRST quarter, but JUST like the other TWO games of the season. The Snakes had a ROUGH second quarter and BLEW the lead to the Arrows.

Tom Schreiber, the CAPTAIN of the Archers TOOK OVER in the second quarter and the Arrows were leading 7-5 at HALFTIME and with both teams scoring a GOAL each in the third, the Archers had a TWO goal lead going into the FINAL quarter of the game.

The Archers were up TWO goals LATE in the FOURTH quarter and looked like they were going to WIN this one, but the Towson alum, Ryan Drenner, who scored the GAME WINNER in OVERTIME last weekend, STEPPED UP AGAIN for the Whipsnakes with a TWO point shot to TIE the game at NINE. The Arrows were NOT done as Marcus Holman, the HERO from Week TWO, broke the DREADLOCK giving the Archers the 10-9 lead with about THREE and a HALF minutes left, BUT Drenner CONTINUED to be CLUTCH for the Snakes scoring the GAME TYING goal for the Whipsnakes with just FORTY seconds left.

NEITHER team could score at the END of regulation, which meant we were going to OVERTIME for the SECOND game of the day. It was the THIRD overtime game for the Whipsnakes, WINNING both, while the SECOND for the Archers, who WON in overtime in Week ONE. So SOMETHING had to give between the LAST undefeated teams in the league and after MISSED opportunities on BOTH sides in OVERTIME, a LAZY pass by the Archers set up things GREAT for the Whipsnakes and it was Ryan Drenner coming in CLUTCH again.

The Towson alum has now scored Overtime WINNERS for the SECOND week in a row and has COMMANDED the BEST defender of the opposing team on him which makes room for guys like Matt Rambo and Drew Snider to DOMINATE from now on.

It is ALWAYS GREAT when you have the APPROVAL of your head coach.

The Whipsnakes are now the ONLY undefeated game and take on the Atlai on Saturday night. The Snakes have FOURTEEN players on their roster that played for Maryland in college, while the Atlas are led by guys like Paul Rabil, Ryan Brown, and Joel Tinney, who are Johns Hopkins Alums. With the game being played on the campus of Johns Hopkins, it will be very REMINISCENT of the GREATEST RIVALRY in the Sport, should be a TON of fun.

The Archers on the other hand take on the RED HOT Chaos next weekend as the TWO 2-1 teams in the league.

Game THREE: The Atlas vs the Chrome

The LAST game of the weekend was a matchup of TWO teams looking to get their FIRST wins in League HISTORY. This game was on NBC, which means a National TV was EXPOSED to the PLL once again.

EVEN THOUGH both teams were WINLESS going into today, they had DIFFERENT paths to ENDING up there. For the Chrome, they had played in TWO overtime games JUST LIKE the Whipsnakes, but UNLIKE the Snakes, the Chrome had lost BOTH games in the extra period. While the Atlas lost their first two games with a COMBINED margin of SEVEN goals and were being MOCKED on National TV last weekend by the HIGH POTENT Chaos offense.

It was the Chrome who LED 5-4 after the FIRST quarter but the Atlai TURNED ON the Jets in the SECOND stanza scoring FOUR goals to LEAD 8-5 at HALFTIME.

The Chrome were NOT going away as they RETURNED the favor scoring FIVE goals to the Bulls ONE in the third and they REGAINED the 10-9 lead going into the FINAL quarter of the game. With the game TIED at TWELVE in the FINAL minute of the game, it looked like were going to get our THIRD overtime game of this weekend but Connor Buczek of the Atlas WANTED to go HOME and give the Bulls their FIRST win in their franchise HISTORY.

The Atlas get their FIRST win of the season and now get the TOP of the table, Whipsnakes in a DEFACTO CLASSIC Maryland-Hopkins game next weekend at Homewood, while the Chrome will look for their FIRST win EVER against the Redwoods.

OVERALL, this was a GREAT weekend for the PLL as we had THREE great games where we had a TIE in the FINAL minutes of EACH game and had some VIRAL moments that NON Lacrosse fans got EXPOSED to the PLL. As I said EARLIER, next weekend is HUGE to see if the PLL can SURVIVE as the state of Maryland is a Lacrosse HOTBED, having lived their for the last FOUR years and if the PLL CANNOT draw a BIG crowd there than the League is in TROUBLE.

I will have my picks for NEXT weekend coming on Friday and let’s just say, I am GETTING HOT!


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