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Premier Lacrosse League Week THREE Picks

You have to be DUMB not betting AGAINST me with my ODDS because I am TRASH at making the Lines

Welcome back to the ONLY site on the Planet that has the gambling lines of the PLL. Now I MIGHT be the WORST oddsmaker on the planet, but I am STILL the ONLY person that has the goal spreads of the PLL.

LAST week I went 0-3 AGAINST the spread in my picks and I was as PUTRID in my STRAIGHT UP picks going 1-2 as my Whipsnakes came in CLUTCH and won ANOTHER game in OVERTIME.

This week, the FASTEST growing Sports League in the Nation moves to the Chicagoland area. EVERY single game of the weekend has teams that have the EXACT same record as their OPPONENT. The 1-1 and 2-0 teams will play on Saturday with the 0-2 teams playing a DESPERATION game on Sunday on the NBC family of networks.

Before TURNING the page the page to this week, here is a RECAP of my picks from LAST week.

Week TWO Picks:

Game 1: Whipsnakes (-2.5) vs Chrome. My Pick- Whipsnakes COVER, Actual- Whipsnakes WIN by ONE

Game 2: Redwoods (-1.5) vs Archers. My Pick- Redwoods COVER, Actual- Archers WIN outright

Game 3: Atlas (-1.5) vs Chaos. My Pick- Atlas COVER, Actual- Chaos WIN outright

Record for Week TWO: Spread- 0-3, Straight up 1-2

OVERALL record for the season: Spread 0-3, Straight up 1-2

The games for this weekend are the Chaos at the Redwoods, the Archers at the Whipsnakes, the Atlas at the Chrome.

Game 1: Saturday Afternoon- The Chaos Lacrosse Club at the Redwoods Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Gold) (Avi’s Line: Chaos -1.5)

The Chaos had the MOST complete game of any team this season last weekend against the Atlai. Knowing that they were playing in front of an audience of over 400K viewers on NBC, the Chaos created a RIOT on the field at the Red Bull Arena with a TON of TWO point shots to BURY the Bulls EARLY in the game and ONCE they had a COMFORTABLE lead, they turned ON the Jets with some GREAT Behind the BACK shots to create a GREAT highlight reel.

The Redwoods were looking to go 2-0 last weekend as they LED their game against the Archers with LESS than TWO minutes left in the game, but the Arrows scored TWO quick goals to WIN over the Trees and the Redwoods are now 1-1 on the season. This weekend is going to be a GREAT test for the Trees because their LONE win of the season thus far has come against the Atlai, who are the WORST team in the league thus far so the GREAT defense of the Redwoods has a TOUGH test against the HIGH POWERED Chaos offense, that is the matchup I will be watching in this weekend.

For my pick, I am going to ROLL with the Chaos to ROLL in this one, we might just see the Riots score TWENTY in this one.

Game 2: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Archers Lacrosse Club at the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line: Pick EM)

I have been the MOST wrong person on the planet when it comes to the Archers. I thought they should have LOST both of their games but they are 2-0 so what do I know. Marcus Holman of the Arrows scored TWO goals LATE in the game to LEAD the COMEBACK for the Archers. IF the Archers defense can step up EARLY in the game, I think they have a chance to ROLL in this one.

It has been TWO weeks in the PLL and the Whipsnakes have TWO wins in OVERTIME thus far. Last week it was FELLOW Towson University ALUM Ryan Drenner scoring the game WINNER for the Snakes. The REAL issue with the Whipsnakes is their ability of blowing LEADS because in BOTH games, they had a BIG lead in the first half but had to HOLD their breaths to WIN in OVERTIME. The Archers have a GREAT offense so the Whipsnakes CANNOT afford to BLOW a lead this weekend or else they will LOSE their FIRST game in their franchise HISTORY.

I think that this game is BOUND to go into OVERTIME as BOTH teams are VERY even hence the PICK EM line and I think it is going to be the Whipsnakes WINNING this one, which means the Archers are DEFINETLY winning this one.

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- The Atlas Lacrosse Club at the Chrome Lacrosse Club (Game on NBC) (Avi’s Line: Chrome -1.5)

The BIGGEST disappointment of the PLL thus far has been the Atlas. You would think having the league CO-FOUNDER Paul Rabil on the squad would lead the Bulls to be GREAT but they have the WORST record in the league via goal differential so it is DESPERATION day for the Atlai on National TV this weekend.

The Chrome have been the UNLUCKIEST team in the league as they have gone to TWO Overtime games and LOST both, I think that they FINALLY play a game in regulation this weekend and might just win this one.

I am really going to THREAD the NEEDLE with the pick in this one, I think that the Chrome WIN this one but they do NOT cover so I am taking the Bulls AGAINST the spread in this one. Let’s have some FUN with the two WORST teams in the league thus far record wise playing on National TV.

My AGAINST the spread picks for this week are the Chaos, Whipsnakes, AND the Atlas. As I said LAST week, there is NO way to OFFICIALLY bet the PLL yet, but if you are a DEGENERATE like myself, feel free to SLIDE into the Twitter DM’s and we can do some SIDE wagers.


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