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The Yankees LOST ANOTHER series, but now they are going to BEAT UP on that OTHER team in town

It is time for the Yankees to CONTINUE being the KING of New York

The New York Yankees held AT LEAST a TWO run LEAD in EVERY game of their SIX game ROADTRIP, but they managed to go just 2-4 in those games and have lost FIVE of their last SEVEN, so things are getting BLEAK for the Yankees, but they have the PERFECT CURE for their STRUGGLES coming to Yankee Stadium tonight in the New York Mets.

No MATTER what happens, the Yankees ALWAYS seem to RIGHT the ship after the Subway Series and I am HOPING that is going to be the case AGAIN this week IF Mother Nature ALLOWS IT.

Yankees vs Indians Series Recap:

Game ONE: After LOSING the series in Toronto against the Blue Jays, the Yankees NEEDED to get BETTER against the Indians in Cleveland and it seemed like we were headed that way until Domingo German SHIT the bed again. German was TERRIBLE for the THIRD start in a row and AFTER the game, the Yankees sent him to the DL with a shoulder strain.

Now I do NOT think that German is SERIOUSLY hurt, he probably just had something NAGGING and with him NEARING his Innings LIMIT, it was SMART on the Yankees to DL him and BUY some time for him to be MORE effective in the next COUPLE of weeks.

Game TWO: This weekend was BIG for the Yankees because they got back Didi Gregorius, who was RECOVERING from Tommy John Surgery and on Saturday he CONTINUED to DOMINATE in Cleveland and OFFICIALLY arrived BACK on the scene.

The Yankees are TOO righty HEAVY so having a GREAT lefty batter in Didi back is going to be HUGE for the Yankee. On Saturday night though, the STRUGGLES of the pitching staff CONTINUED as this time it was CC Sabathia who could NOT hold on to the lead and the Yankees LOST their SECOND game of the week, which meant they had lost CONSECUTIVE series for the FIRST time since LOSING to the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox in the first COUPLE of weeks of April so the ship is NOT sinking in the Bronx but it needs an anchor IMMEDIATELY.

Game THREE: For the SECOND series in a row, the Yankees were looking to SALVAGE the series and AVOID a sweep and Brett Gardner, who BROKE his lip when a helmet that he slammed in FRUSTRATION on Saturday RICOCHETED back to his face, got the Yankees to a GREAT start.

The Yankees scored FIVE runs in the SECOND and it looked like it was going to be an EASY game for the Yankees but because they had LOST four of their last FIVE coming into Sunday, their front end of the bullpen had NOT pitched much and that is why they were RUSTY which led to them BLOWING the lead as it was TIED at FIVE going into the EIGHTH.

Even after BLOWING the lead, this team NEVER quits and on a Clint Frazier SAC Fly in the TOP of the NINTH, the Yankees were THREE outs away from winning the game and Aroldis Chapman got the first TWO outs of the game before a ROUTINE grounball hit to Didi took a WEIRD hop right before reaching Didi and that hop caused Didi to BOTCH the ball and allowed the Indians to score the game TYING run and we were headed to EXTRAS.

Having TWO chances to WIN the game and NOT converting on them was NOT something I thought I would see with this GREAT bullpen but LOSING on Sunday would be the WORST loss of the season and so they NEEDED to win and in the TENTH, Aaron Hicks gave the Yankees their THIRD chance to WIN this game.

Stephen Tarpley came in for the BOTTOM of the TENTH and got the SAVE to give the Yankees their FORTIETH win of the season and the Yankees have AVOIDED getting SWEPT since that Astros series. The Yankees went with the OPENER again on Sunday because Masahiro Tanaka was on paternity leave and will pitch tonight. The Opener has WORKED for the Yankees as they are now 4-0 in those games.

The Yankees went 2-4 on that road trip which is ALARMING but since they had a GREAT stretch before this SLUMP, the Yankees are still TIED for FIRST place in the AL East but NEED to start winning some games again and that is why playing the Mets this week is PERFECT for them.

Last season, the Yankees had a GREAT month of May and then were .500 in June which put them OUT of the division race. This season, the Yankees were GREAT in May and are UNDER .500 in June so they NEED to RIGHT the ship or ELSE it will be DEJA VU for them.

The Mets are HOVERING around .500 so the Yankees NEED to SWEEP the TWO game series. As of me writing this blog, tonight’s game has NOT been POSTPONED yet so the pressure is ON the Yankees and Masahiro Tanaka to WIN tonight and WIN this series before heading to Chicago to take on the White Sox this weekend.


Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Jason Vargas

Game 2: Tuesday Night- James Paxton vs Zack Wheeler


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