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Premier Lacrosse League Week TWO: If you come at Ryan Drenner, you better NOT miss

I am here to say that the PLL was NOT a ONE week wonder after being in ATTENDANCE this weekend

Photo by Getty Images

The SECOND week of the PLL has come and GONE, instead of the excitement FIZZLING DOWN after the FIRST week, it actually CONTINUED and this time it was Towson Alum Ryan Drenner delivering the BIG KILL shot of the weekend with the OVERTIME winner for the Whipsnakes, which I happened to see LIVE, but MORE on that towards the END of the blog, first a RECAP of the weekend.

The Whipsnakes are a WAGON and sit ATOP of the standings, they jumped out to an EARLY lead again and CHOKED it AGAIN to go into OVERTIME against the Chrome LC. In OVERTIME, it was Ryan Drenner playing the HERO this time and moving the Whipsnakes to become the FIRST time in league history to get TWO wins.

EARLIER in the game, the Chrome PUSHED Drenner into the crease which caused a BRAWL and Drenner had the PERFECT response for the Chrome. The Snakes are BUZZING winning TWO overtime games this season, but them CHOKING their EARLY leads is going to BITE them at some point so they need to KEEP their foot on the paddle for the ENTIRE game because going to OVERTIME every week is TOO RISKY for my health. #SnakesUP

NO ONE has had more of a DISAPPOINTING season than the Chrome who are now 0-2 and BOTH losses came in OVERTIME. They came back in BOTH games after early DEFICITS but could NOT get that GO-AHEAD goal in OVERTIME and that HAS to change for them.

In the SECOND game of the day, we saw TWO 1-0 teams playing each other in the Archers and the Redwoods and it was the Woods dominating EARLY in this one. The game was CHIPPY and the Woods had the LATE lead but Marcus Holman scored BACK to BACK goals for the Arrows to bring the Archers to 2-0.

I have NOT been more WRONG about any team as much as I have been about the Archers. I picked them to LOSE both games this season and they are 2-0, so I CLEARLY do NOT know what I am doing. Speaking of my picks, I will have more on them on Friday but I have to be the WORST oddsmaker of ALL TIME with the FAKE spreads I MADE UP.

On Sunday afternoon, we had HISTORY being made as the Atlas and the Chaos played in the FIRST Professional Lacrosse game EVER on broadcast TV on NBC and the Chaos put on a SHOW for the National TV audience and used the TWO point line to their ADVANTAGE.

The Chaos DOMINATED the Atlai and got the BIGGEST win this season of ANY team in terms of the WINNING Margin and look like LOSING the Whipsnakes in Week 1 was just them running into the BEST team in the league. The RIOTS offense is going to be FUN to watch this season and Myles Jones has NOT been FULLY UNLEASHED yet.

As for the Atlai, the PANIC button has to be in play for them as they are ONE of two teams that is 0-2 in the league and UNLIKE the Chrome, the Bulls have LOST their games in regulation. The Atlai and the Chrome play next weekend so this is a MUST WIN game for BOTH teams because the season is in TROUBLE for the Atlai who got KILLED by the TWO pointers yesterday.

The Tour Bus heads WEST to Chicago next weekend with the three games NEXT weekend being the Redwoods vs the Chaos, the Whipsnakes vs the Archers, AND the Atlai vs the Chrome.

As I mentioned EARLIER I was at Red Bull Arena on Saturday afternoon to catch the TWO games and I had a BLAST. The Premier Zone was LIT even though I got there Super LATE, thanks NJ Transit… but I STILL had a GREAT time outside of the LONG concession lines.

It was EXTREMELY inconvenient to get ANYTHING to eat or drink, the lines were 30-40 minutes long to get ANYTHING as there was only ONE stand open in the Arena. I do NOT think that is a PLL PROBLEM but with A LOT of people there, MORE concession stands need to be OPEN so that the fans are not MISSING the action and it looks like NO ONE was there on TV, which gets to my next point, the Attendance.

The BIGGEST battle right now in #LaxTwitter is arguing the FEW number of people at the games and that is so UNFAIR to the PLL. The MLL has existed for about EIGHTEEN years and the PLL ALREADY has SIMILAR attendance numbers as that other league. The numbers are going to be LOW for the league in the first season, as MORE people start hearing about the sport via the PLL and become fans and then WANT TO go to the games. The attendance numbers do NOT matter to me until they get to Baltimore in TWO weeks. The league has STACKED the card for the Whipsnakes to play the Atlas at Homewood Field which should draw HUGE numbers so if the there is LOW attendance in Baltimore than I am going to be ALARMED, but until then KEEP WATCHING the Sport of the Future.


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