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Premier Lacrosse League Week TWO picks

All IN on the Sport of the FUTURE

MOST people do NOT know this but over the past TWO years, I have become a HUGE Lacrosse fan AKA the FASTEST sport on Turf. I spend EVERY Saturday in the Spring watching College Lacrosse all day and after that season ENDED on Memorial Day I NEEDED more Lax in my life and in came the Premier Lacrosse League which made it’s DEBUT last week up in Boston.

Now ALMOST all of the THREE readers that read this site have NO idea what the PLL is so here is a BRIEF explanation:

There USED to be ANOTHER “professional” lacrosse league, the Major League Lacrosse, which did NOT pay MUCH to its players and that is why the GOAT of lacrosse, Paul Rabil founded his OWN professional lacrosse league that is going to the players in the league FAIRLY and the PLL also signed a deal with NBC Sports so that NON Lax fans will be able to see PLENTY of games this summer.

Instead of the teams being based in a PARTICULAR city, the PLL has SIX teams owned by the league and they travel through DIFFERENT cities in the US and Canada over the next TEN weeks before holding THREE weeks of Playoffs to END the INAUGURAL season of the PLL. The SIX teams in the PLL are the Chaos, the Whipsnakes, the Archers, the Atlas, the Redwoods and the Chrome. Last week, the Archers, the Whipsnakes, AND the Redwoods WON their respective games to start 1-0 in the League ALL-TIME.

The FIRST week of the PLL was last weekend up in Boston and I saw all THREE games on NBC Sports Gold and it was a GREAT product with TWO of the games going into OVERTIME so I am INTERESTED to see the growth of the sport over the next NINE weeks starting with New York this weekend at the Red Bull Arena.

NBC Sports Gold is running a FREE trial for this weekend’s games, so NO ONE should NOT be watching the PLL this weekend with TWO of the THREE games being on TV.

For the REMAINDER of the season I will be releasing a PICKS blog on Fridays that will PREVIEW the weekend of action and then I will have a RECAP blog dropping EITHER on Sunday Night or EARLY Monday morning so BUCKLE UP.

Now there is NO way to BET these games with ANY Sportsbooks yet UNFORTUNATELY but co-founder Paul Rabil did mention on the Pardon My Take podcast this morning that they are working towards the game being available at Sports Books. In the MEANTIME if you REALLY want to put some money down on these games, slide into my DM’s and I will HAPPILY do some SIDE wagers with you. SINCE there are NO odds on these games, I will be setting the lines myself which should be INTERESTING because I am the WORST gambler on the planet.

The games for this week are the Chrome vs the Whipsnakes AND the Archers vs the Redwoods on Saturday and then the Atlas vs the Chaos on Sunday afternoon.

Now I did NOT do an OFFICIAL picks blog last week, but I DID tweet the picks out and went 1-2 so those will NOT count towards my record, but had I done BETTER last week, you are DAMN right that I would have COUNTED those picks.

Game ONE: Saturday Afternoon- The Chrome Lacrosse Club (0-1) vs the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club (1-0) (Game EXCLUSIVELY on NBC Sports Gold, FREE TRIAL) (Avi’s Line- Whipsnakes -2.5)

Now I have to be HONEST here and say that the Whipsnakes are my FAVORITE team in the PLL as I am a Towson University ALUM and they have ONE of the two FORMER Tigers playing in the PLL on their roster in Ryan Drenner who had TWO goals last week. The OTHER Tiger, Andrew Hodgson plays for the Atlas so I have a SOFT spot for them as well. EVEN Though MOST of the Whipsnakes’ roster went to the University of Maryland and that is the ONE school I do NOT like, I am WILLING to look PAST that to ROOT for the Whipsnakes #SnakesUP

The Whipsnakes last week jumped out to an EARLY lead and were DOMINATING their first game EVER against the Chaos but they fought BACK into the game and FORCED overtime where Drew Snider scored the goal for the Snakes. They have a GREAT team and look for a HIGH scoring affair in this one.

The Chrome had the OPPOSITE fate of the Whipsnakes in their FIRST game EVER against the Archers, where the Arrows DOMINATED early in the game and the Chrome fought back into the game to FORCE overtime but Will Manny of the Archers scored to END the first game EVER in PLL HISTORY. I expect the Chrome to have a BETTER start this week.

As for my pick, I like the Whipsnakes to DOMINATE this game and win with the score of 16-13 over the Chrome and become the FIRST team in PLL HISTORY to have TWO wins.

Game TWO: Saturday LATE Afternoon- The Archers Lacrosse Club (1-0) vs the Redwoods Lacrosse Club (1-0) (Game on NBC Sports Network) (Avi’s Line- Redwoods -1.5)

This is the ONLY time in PLL’s FIRST season that TWO undefeated teams will face other with the Redwoods being the ONLY team to WIN in REGULATION. The Redwoods DOMINATED the Atlas towards the end of the game and I thought that the Atlai were going to RUN AWAY from the game and the exact OPPOSITE happened. I expect the Redwoods to come out FIRING again in what is going to be a CHIPPY game.

The Archers were the team that I was MOST impressed with last week, I did NOT know many of the players on their roster but after their EARLY domination last week they are a force to be RECKONED with Will Manny coming back to WIN in OVERTIME. Giving up the goals at the clip towards the END of the game last was ALARMING for me and that is why I like the Redwoods to take this one 16-15, that is RIGHT, the Redwoods are NOT going to cover the LINE that I MADE UP.

Game THREE: Sunday Afternoon- The Chaos Lacrosse Club (0-1) vs the Atlas Lacrosse Club (0-1) (Game on NBC) (Avi’s Line- Atlas -1.5)

The Atlas who are LED by PLL co-founder Paul Rabil were PRIMED to WIN the game last week but they are the LAST spot in the league via Goal Differential, but I think this is going to be a BOUNCE BACK week for them.

The Chaos were getting KILLED by the Whipsnakes and came out of NOWHERE to come back in that game but I think that is the week where they are NOT going to be able to bounce back and I think this game is going to be a BLOWOUT. I have the Atlai WINNING this one 14-10.

Those are my picks for this weekend’s game at the Red Bull Arena. I PLAN on being at the games on Saturday so I will have a FIRST hand reaction to the games.


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