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STOP me if you have ever heard this BEFORE: The New York Yankees WON a series!

IMAGINE thinking the Red Sox are STILL a good team this season?

The 2019 New York Yankees have WON NINE straight series and are the HOTTEST team in baseball. The NINE consecutive series wins is a Franchise Record since 1998, which ENDED in a World Series CHAMPIONSHIP. This past weekend, the Yankees took the first TWO games against the Boston Red Sox, who now fall to TEN games back in the LOSS column of the Yankees. Now the Bronx Bombers had NORTH of the Border to take on the Toronto Blue Jays, which begins a SIX game road trip between Toronto and Cleveland this weekend.

Yankees vs Red Sox Series Recap:

The Red Sox came into this season as the DEFENDING World Series Champions, while the Yankees had a DISAPPOINTING season FALLING to the Red Sox in the Postseason, so these games are HUGE for BOTH teams and Mother Nature got in the way as the game on Thursday is POSTPONED till August, so the FOUR game set turned into a THREE game series.

The rain DELAY on Thursday helped the Yankees as they did NOT need to have a Bullpen game in the series and could REST their bullpen arms which was HUGE for them the REST of the weekend.

On Friday night, the Yankees had slotted JA Happ as the starter, while Chris Sale took the mound for the Red Sox, EVEN THOUGH Sale had been TERRIBLE against the Yankees EARLIER this season, he has TURNED the corner and had looked GREAT in his starts before this series but DJ LeMahieu made sure he did NOT turn the corner against the Yankees.

LeMahieu added ANOTHER home run LATE in the game to make it a 4-1 as the Yankee bullpen HELD ON to give the Yankees the FIRST win of the weekend.

After the HUGE win against the Red Sox’ BEST pitcher on Friday Night, the Yankees were looking to continue their HOT streak on Saturday Night with their BEST pitcher on the mound in Domingo German, who came into the game with the MOST wins of ANY pitcher in the MLB. Domingo was NOT good as he lasted ONLY until the FOURTH inning and gave up THREE runs in the game.

The Yankees were leading 3-1, before German COUGHED UP the lead, but then Gary Sanchez came to the RESCUE for the Bombers.

The Yankee Bullpen did their job AGAIN on Saturday Night as the Yankees WON their NINTH series in a row and were looking for the SWEEP on Sunday Night against David Price, who had NEVER won a game at Yankee Stadium since joining the Red Sox.

EVEN though Price STRUGGLED early in the game, the Yankees NEVER got the BIG hit against him and FELL in the FINAL game of the weekend to the Red Sox. The BIG story towards the END of the game and AFTER it was Clint Frazier, who was TERRIBLE in the field.

Frazier has had an EVENTFUL tenure with the Yankees, whether it was him ALLEGEDLY asking the Yankees for Mickey Mantle’s No.7 (a RUMOR Clint has said NEVER happened), the Yankees asking him to CUT his LONG Red hair back when he was still a Prospect, him spending the ENTIRE 2018 season AWAY from baseball due to LINGERING Migraines from a Concussion, or him being GREAT in REPLACEMENT of the INJURED players this season. On Sunday Night, ANOTHER big moment in his Yankee’ career when he made THREE boneheaded plays in right field that ENDED any chances the Yankees had of WINNING that game.

It seemed like EVERY ball put in play was hit towards Clint and he BOTCHED every single one of them. I GENUINELY felt bad for him because there was NOTHING he could do in the moment to fix his Yips and AFTER the game he AVOIDED talking to the Media which is ALWAYS a big deal in New York, so Clint needs to just LET everything CALM DOWN. ALL signs are pointing towards him working EXTRA HARD before games to fix his outfield errors but it is going to take some time for EVERYTHING to get FIXED and time might be running out for him as he is MOST LIKELY going to be the ODD man out in the outfield once EVERYONE gets HEALTHY, so he is just PRESSING out there.

The Yankees are turning the page on to the Blue Jays this week and they are CLOSE to acquiring ANOTHER pitcher in Dallas Keuchel, who is going to be a HUGE addition for them so the team is getting BETTER and HEALTHIER as we speak.


Didi Gregorius is going to be the NEXT player that RETURNS as he is SLOTTED to join the team on Friday in Cleveland. Giancarlo Stanton participated in a SIMULATED game this morning so he MIGHT be back by the END of June.

Aaron Judge and Dellin Betances are STILL progressing but are STILL FAR from coming BACK to the Yankees.

This week the Yankees take on the Blue Jays, who are NOT a good team so the Yankees should have NO problems in CONTINUING to WIN ANOTHER series.


Game 1: Tonight- Clayton Richard vs Masahiro Tanaka

Game 2: Wednesday Night- Trent Thornton vs James Paxton

Game 3: Thursday Night- Edwin Jackson vs JA Happ


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