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CELEBRATING being in FIRST place on May 20th is UN-Yankee Like, but these ARE NOT your TRADITIONAL Yankees

I MISSED being in FIRST place so much…

The 2019 season could NOT have started WORSE for the Yankees with the BARRAGE of INJURIES they suffered through the first few weeks of the season. BUT the injuries allowed us to see the GREAT job that Brian Cashman and his staff have done in building the Farm System over the last FIVE years and that is paying dividends on the field for the Yankees right now, who are BY FAR the biggest SURPRISE of this season thus far.

It is WEIRD to call the Yankees being in FIRST place in the MIDDLE of MAY a BIG SURPRISE, but with the INJURIES they suffered this season, it is NOTHING short of a MIRACLE that the Yankees are COMPETING right now, let alone having the BEST record in baseball since the middle of April.

The REPLACEMENT players have done an EXCEPTIONAL job in place of the INJURED Yankees, but the REINFORCEMENTS are coming and we saw ANOTHER one arrive this week, when Aaron Hicks made his season debut.

Another SET of Yankees are on the ABOUT to return with BOTH Giancarlo Stanton and Didi Gregorius making their REHAB debuts tonight in Tampa. Stanton ALREADY had a FULL Spring Training before getting hurt, so we could see him BACK in the Yankee Pinstripes in a COUPLE of weeks, whereas Didi is making his FIRST appearance since having Tommy John Surgery in the offseason, so we probably will NOT see him BACK in the BIG Leagues for another month to SIX weeks.

OTHER teams in the MLB when they suffer the WRATH of injuries that the Yankees faced this season would be HOPING to be HOVERING around .500 until everyone gets back, BUT that is NOT the case for the Yankees who just took TWO out of three against the then FIRST Place Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays this past weekend in the Bronx.

A BIG reason why the Yankees have been DOMINATING as of late has been the vision of Cashman and the Spreadsheet NERDS to find CASTAWAYS from other teams and plugging them into the Yankees and those players EXCELING. We saw the DEBUT of Kendrys Morales this past weekend after a BUNCH of teams thought he was cooked, he looks like he is in the PRIME of his career in Yankee Pinstripes. Cashman was able to get him JUST for a player that has NOT been named yet.

Another CASTAWAY that the Yankees found was Gio Urshela, who they acquired for JUST cash and he has EMERGED as an EVERYDAY player on this team and ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT players on this team if they want to CONTINUE this hot streak. He came up with the Walk-Off hit on Friday Night to BEAT the Devil Rays as the Yankees scored THREE in the BOTTOM of the ninth to move into FIRST place for the FIRST time this season.

That THREE-inning Rally would NOT have started if not for ANOTHER CASTAWAY that the Yankees found last season, Luke Voit. The first baseman has EMERGED into the BEST player on this team and I would NOT be shocked to see him receiving some MVP votes this season and the Yankees got him for two bullpen guys who were TERRIBLE in the Bronx.

That GREAT rally in the NINTH on Friday Night helped the Yankees get the FIRST game of the series but they needed to KEEP POUNDING the rest of the weekend, to MAINTAIN their LEAD in the AL East.

On Saturday, the Yankees managed to score just ONE run in ELEVEN innings and that run came on a Wild Pitch so it was an UGLY came for the Yankees who FELL into SECOND place for the time being.

Sunday was going to be a game that was going to KILL me with the way the Yankees were treating it. Chad Green was the “starter”, even though he lasted just 1.2 innings giving up TWO home runs and then Nestor Cortes Jr. came into the game and served up a THREE-run Home Run, so the Yankees were DOWN in this one with some of their WORST pitchers on the mound.

All of a SUDDEN, the Yankees woke up on TIED the game on that Hicks’ Home Run and then the SIXTH inning happened, which I still do NOT get how that inning was possible, thank you to the Devil Rays I guess.

The Yankees LOADED the Bases with the game TIED at FIVE and then TWO walks led them to get the 7-5 lead, but they were NOT even CLOSE to being done in the inning. One of the REPLACMENTS that has THRIVED since being called up is Thairo Estrada, who was NOT a CASTAWAY that the Spreadsheets NERDS found but instead was ONE of the BEST prospects in the Farm System and so far he is living up to the HYPE.

The Bombers scored SEVEN runs in the SIXTH and then a DJLM Home Run later in the game made it TEN UNANSWERED runs for the Yankees as they WON the game and leave the Weekend Series against the DEVIL Rays in FIRST place.

BURIED in all the runs on Sunday was the MOST MAGICAL moment of this season when Gary Sanchez HUSTLED a triple. Sanchie has gotten a TON of backlash for NEVER hustling but here he is HUSTLING a triple while players on the OTHER side of town are NOT EVEN running to first on groundballs…

The Yankees now head to Baltimore for a FOUR game series against the Orioles and then remain on the road to face the Kansas City Royals for a THREE game set next weekend. Coming into play tonight, the O’s AND the Royals are BOTH in LAST place of their respective divisions and hold the SECOND and THIRD worst records in baseball, so they Yankees have to DOMINATE against BOTH teams as is expected of FIRST place teams facing LAST place teams.

On the way down to Baltimore, the Yankees SUFFERED ANOTHER injury, thankfully it was NOT someone that has to play on the field tonight.

I ALSO took a Bus down I-95 down to Baltimore last night, so the Yankees are JUST like the rest of us. I will be in attendance on Tuesday Night so I might just CURSE this team again, I am 1-2 All-Time in Yankee games at Camden Yards…


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