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The SMALL BALL Yankees are SO MUCH FUN to watch

I LOVE this team, it is a different guy EVERY night

What if I told you in Spring Training that on May 15, the MOST important player on the Yankees would be Gio Urshela, you would have told me that All HELL had broke lose in the Bronx and the Yankees would be the WORST team in baseball. BUT I am here to tell you that ALL HELL has broken lose in the Bronx, but they are just ONE game out of First Place with guys like Gio Urshela, DJLM, and Domingo German leading the way.

The INJURIES have CONTINUED for the Bombers as they have THIRTEEN players on the DL, but EVERY guy they call on to come in as a REPLACEMENT has performed and kept the boat AFLOAT. IF and WHEN the Yankees get HEALTHY, they are going to be the BEST team in baseball, but I am LOSING faith that they are NEVER getting healthy this season.

Coming into the doubleheader against the Baltimore Orioles today, the Yankees played THREE straight teams OVER .500 and they DOMINATED those series so things are going to get BETTER for the Yankees.

Guys like Gio, DJLM, Thairo Estrada have stepped up to the plate while guys like Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton CONTINUE to suffer SETBACKS with their rehab process. We will see Aaron Hicks make his season debut today, so it will be INTERESTING to see how good his BACK can hold up.

Domingo German will pitch the SECOND game tonight and he has EMERGED as the BEST pitcher on this team and he currently LEADS the MLB with MOST wins this season and he will look for his EIGHTH win of the season against ONE of the WORST teams in baseball, the Baltimore Orioles

I have NOT blogged a ton about the Yankees lately, but I am HOPING to get BACK into it soon, so my APOLOGIES.


Game 1: Today LATE Afternoon: JA Happ vs David Hess

Game 2: Tonight: Domingo German vs Andrew Cashner

This team is SO MUCH FUN and they do NOT even hit a TON of home runs, which is what they are BUILT for.


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