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THANKFULLY for the Knicks, the Jets CONTINUE to be the LAUGHINGSTOCK of New York

Despite the GREAT offseason, they are STILL the SAME OLD JETS

This JUST came out of left field, but NOT really. Around the NFL Draft, there were RUMORS swirling of a possible RIFT between GM Cool Mike and Head Coach Adam Gase, but BOTH parties DENIED those RUMORS after the draft, but this FIRING states otherwise.

Cool Mike was NOT the best GM in the world, but he was SERVICEABLE and had made GREAT moves this offseason to IMPROVE this team. I do NOT get why he was just NOT fired along with Todd Bowles at the START of the offseason and the Jets would have been able to bring in a guy that was in SYNC with Coach Gase. This was BOUND to happen because of the structure they run where BOTH the GM and the Head Coach report to the Owner, rather than the Head Coach reporting to the GM and the GM reporting to the Owner, like the other THIRTY ONE teams in the NFL.

This offseason was going GREAT for the Jets with the additions of guys like Lev Bell and Quinnen Williams but we can NEVER have a GREAT offseason as Jets fans but something was BOUND to go WRONG for the Jets and it happens with Cool Mike leaving town.

I get that there was a RIFT between Coach Gase and Cool Mike, then I do NOT get why he was allowed to be around for the ENTIRETY of Free Agency and be the Head Honcho of ALL decisions during the draft. He is NOT going to be here as being responsible for the players he acquired and the NEW GM is going to be LEFT with CLEANING up the MESS of this roster, that he did NOT create which has been an ISSUE for the Jets. John Idzik was instructed to TEAR DOWN the roster, but NEVER got a chance to rebuild and the SAME thing happened with Cool Mike. I thought that things had CHANGED under Chris Johnson then the way they were under Woody, but I guess NOT.

Going back to the statement by Chris Johnson, he has named Adam Gase as the INTERIM GM and that is INEXCUSABLE. Gase was the guy IN CHARGE in his last job with the Dolphins and their roster was ONE of the WORST in the NFL when he got FIRED and now the Jets sided with him over Cool Mike. He is NOT Vince Lombardi that the Jets had to cover his back at ALL times.

The Jets continue to be a DUMPSTER FIRE so we will see what is NEXT in the CIRCUS that is the New York Jets.

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