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State of the Yankees: Call the Ambulance

Take a shot EVERY time there are NO injuries during a Yankee game

The LAST time I blogged the Yankees, they were coming off getting SWEPT by the Houston Astros, since then they LOST another series at home, this time to the Chicago White Sox, BUT then it seemed like there ISSUES were FIXED. They WON the TWO game series against the Boston Red Sox and took THREE out of FOUR at home against the Kansas City Royals, BUT the real issue CONTINUES for the Yankees as MORE players are getting HURT and this one seems like the DEATH nail for them with Aaron Judge going down for an EXTENDED time.

Aaron Judge was having a GREAT game on Saturday, homering in his FIRST at-bat and got a HIT late in the game, so the Yankee fans were feeling GREAT but as soon as he got to FIRST base, EVERY single Yankee fan was holding their breath and Judge was taken OUT of the game.

AFTER the game it came out that he will be out an “EXTENDED” time, with NO timetable set yet. The Yankees and Judge still have PTSD from BOTCHING his timetable to return from the ARM injury last season so they did NOT make a DEADLINE public this time around, but it is safe to say that Aaron Judge should NEVER face the Royals ever again.

After the Judge injury, there are now THIRTEEN players on the DISABLED LIST for the Yankees and almost EVERY single one of them would have been on their Opening Day roster so this a MOMENT of PANIC for the Yankees. They had SURVIVED all the other injuries but Judge is going to be TOUGH not only because he is the BEST player on the team, he is ALSO the vocal LEADER of the team. The team did NOT respond well to his absence last season, so we will see how they do this time around.

The FIRST game after Judge went down happened on Sunday when they took on the Royals for the FINAL game of the series looking to WIN the series and Clint Frazier has EMERGED as the star of this team.

The Yankees had the 5-0 lead going into the EIGHTH on Sunday, but the Bullpen blew their NINTH game of the season and RISP Romine had to come in and BAIL them out.

The WIN was HUGE for the Yankees as they WON their first TRUE series at home this season and now sit just 2.5 games behind the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays for the AL East LEAD.

The Yankees now head to the West Coast to play NINE games in three different cities starting with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim later tonight, so it is going to be LONG nights for Yankee fans this week.

The REINFORCEMENTS are on the way with Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton coming back at some point during the road trip but they are NOT going to be there tonight so the Yankees need the REPLACEMENTS to CONTINUE to carry the ship for now.

Yankees vs Angels Pitching Probables

Game 1: Tonight- Matt Harvey vs JA Happ

Game 2: Tuesday LATE Night- Chris Stratton vs Domingo German

Game 3: Wednesday LATE Night- Felix Pena vs TBD

Game 4: Thursday LATE Night- Trevor Cahill vs TBD

The Yankees are at 11-10 and NEED to come back to the East Coast STILL being OVER .500 after the West Coast Trip.


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