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We now know the order in which the Jets will go 16-0!!

I am feeling GREAT about the Jets right now, that can mean only ONE thing, they are going to KILL ME this season

This UPCOMING football season has the MOST hype in recent memory for the New York Jets and the preparations RATCHETED up last night as the NFL released their schedule of the 2019 season, so it is the PERFECT time for the WIN-LOSE-LOSE-WIN game with their schedule so here we go.

Week ONE: The Buffalo Bills at the Jets

  • The season begins at HOME for the Jets against the LOWLY Bills so that will be an EASY win for the Jets. They will be 1-0 to START the season. Result- WIN (1-0), Realistically- WIN (2-0)

Week TWO: The Cleveland Browns at the Jets (Monday Night)

  • This is a BIG game for Week TWO of the season with the two BEST quarterbacks of the 2018 Draft class facing off for the SECOND time. Baker Mayfield had a STELLAR season and Sam Darnold really COMMANDED the game towards the end of LAST season. This is going to be a GREAT game and Sammy Touchdowns will get his REVENGE in front of a National audience against the POOPY Browns. Result- WIN (2-0), Realistically- LOSS (1-1)

Week THREE: The Jets at the New England Patriots

  • This is another BIG test for the Jets taking on the BEST team in football and it a MUST WIN for the Jets if they want to take over the AFC East CROWN from the Pats. This is going to be a TOUGH game for the Jets with their new defense, but they should PERSEVERE in a tough game in New England. Result- WIN (3-0), Realistically- LOSS (1-2)


  • This an EARLY bye week for the Jets and this could become an ISSUE for them if they contend for the Playoffs as they have to play THIRTEEN games in a row, but a BYE week is a WIN, so UPDATE the record books.

Week FIVE: The Jets at the Philadelphia Eagles

  • The Jets have NEVER beat the Eagles in BOTH franchises’ HISTORY, but these are the NEW era Jets and they are coming for BLOOD. Sammy Touchdowns and Le’Veon Bell are going to DOMINATE this game and have the BEST record in football by then. Result- WIN (4-0), Realistically- LOSS (1-3)

Week SIX: The Dallas Cowboys at the Jets

  • After going on the ROAD to beat the last TWO defending Super Bowl CHAMPIONS, they return home to take on the TERRIBLE Cowboys. This is going to be a BLOWOUT for the Jets and Sammy is going to start getting LOVE for the MVP race. Result- WIN (5-0), Realistically- WIN (2-3)

Week SEVEN: The New England Patriots at the Jets

  • Getting the Pats TWICE before EIGHT is HUGE for the Jets. The Pats have HISTORICALLY been TERRIBLE to start the season so the Jets have a MUCH BETTER chance to beat that team up North and with this win, the Jets will have ONE hand on the AFC East division crown by then. Result- WIN (6-0), Realistically- LOSS (2-4)

Week EIGHT: The Jets at the Jacksonville Jaguars

  • If the Jets and the Jags play a 100 times, the Jets are win NINETY-NINE percent of the time and with the Jags winning last season, the Jets are going to be the EASY winner this time around. Result- WIN (7-0), Realistically- WIN (3-4)

Week NINE: The Jets at the Miami Dolphins

  • The Dolphins have NO strategy of a STARTING quarterback so that is a TERRIBLE idea for them and that is why the Jets are going to CLINCH a Playoff spot by Week NINE. Result- WIN (8-0), Realistically- WIN (4-4)

Week TEN: The New York Giants at the Jets

  • The Snoopy Bowl trophy will be in the building at MetLife Stadium and with this win, I think the name of the stadium should be CHANGED to JetLife Stadium as like the Dolphins, the Giants have NO strategy at the quarterback position. Result- WIN (9-0), Realistically- WIN (5-4)

Week ELEVEN: The Jets at the Washington Redskins

  • The Schedule makers gave the Jets an EASY landing with the Giants and the Redskins in CONSECUTIVE wins, both teams are going to CONTEND for the FIRST pick in the 2020 NFL draft so the Jets should be able to give Sammy Touchdowns and the REST of the first string, the second half off and start resting for the Playoffs. Result- WIN (10-0), Realistically- WIN (6-4)

Week TWELVE: The Oakland Raiders at the New York Jets

  • The Raiders are going to be the WORST team in the AFC this season, enough said. Result- WIN (11-0) Realistically- LOSS (Letdown game) (6-5)

Week THIRTEEN: The Jets at the Cincinnati Bengals

  • The Bengals are trying the strategy of finding the NEXT Sean McVay and Zac Taylor is NOT the answer for them so the Jets will CLINCH the AFC East by this game. Result- WIN (12-0), Realistically- WIN (7-5)

Week FOURTEEN: The Miami Dolphins at the Jets

  • The Dolphins are TRASH but the Jets somehow always SPLIT with them, but not this year as they clinch a FIRST Round Bye by this game and the 1972 Dolphins will NOT be able to POP their champagne this week. Result- WIN (13-0), Realistically- LOSS (7-6)

Week FIFTEEN: The Jets at the Baltimore Ravens (Thursday Night)

  • This is the BIGGEST game of the season for the Jets as they will take on Lamar Jackson (if he is still healthy) and the Ravens. I have made it PRETTY clear that I do NOT want Jackson to succeed because he was drafted AFTER Sammy TD’s so I do NOT have any Buyer’s REMORSE but that is NOT going to be the case this time. Result- WIN (14-0), Realistically- LOSS (7-7)

Week SIXTEEN: The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Jets

  • This is the REVENGE game for Le’Veon Bell as he faces his FORMER team. Expect him to have a BIG game and he will single-handedly BEAT the Steelers as the Jets LOCK up Home Field Advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs. Result- WIN (15-0), Realistically- LOSS (7-8)

Week SEVENTEEN: The Jets at the Buffalo Bills

  • The Jets will REST their starters for this game out in the SNOW in Week SEVENTEEN, but Trevor Siemian will COMMAND the game and the Jets will become ONLY the SECOND team to go 16-0 in the modern ERA. Result- WIN (16-0), Realistically- WIN (8-8)

Well there ya have it, the Jets are going 16-0 (Realistically: 8-8) this season, they are going to be the BEST (middle of the pack) team in the NFL and in the DRIVER’s SEAT for the Super Bowl CROWN (miss the Playoffs). The NFL draft is next week, so I will have MORE on the upcoming Jets season next week.


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