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The PANIC button is BACK in play as the PROBLEMS continue for the Yankees in Houston

I am LOSING years of my life watching this team this season

EVERYTHING was going great in Yankee land after a weekend SWEEP of the LOWLY Baltimore Orioles and it looked like things were getting BETTER for the New York Yankees and then they went to Houston to take on the Astros and the PROBLEMS are shining after they got SWEPT by the Astros.

The Yankees return HOME to open a EIGHT game homestand against THREE terrible teams so they should be able to DOMINATE this week.

Yankees vs Astros Series RECAP

Game 1: Masahiro Tanaka showed up to Houston and DOMINATED on Monday night against what MANY consider the BEST offense in the MLB. Tanaka gave up just ONE run when he was taken out and with the Yankees’ offense getting to Justin Verlander, Masa was in line to get the WIN.

The Yankees had a TWO run lead over the Astros, when manager Aaron Boone went to the bullpen, which is considered the BEST of all time, so things were PRIMED to go smoothly for the Yankees, but they did NOT as Zack Britton was TERRIBLE and BLEW the lead and then the Astros took the LEAD and STOLE the game from the Yankees. The bullpen GAVE up a game on Monday but that was NOT even the start of their WOES this week.

One positive was that Aaron Judge is becoming a GREAT opposite field hitter.

Game 2: The LOSS on Monday night was a GUT PUNCH to the Yankees and with Johnny Lasagna starting on Tuesday night, things could have got WORSE for them and they DID. Lasagna really STRUGGLED as the Astros got to him and were DOMINATING the game.

THANKFULLY for the Yankees, Gary Sanchez has turned into the MONSTER that we all thought he was and got the Yankees BACK in the game.

The Yankees had the lead going into the SEVENTH inning, so the Bullpen had ANOTHER chance to mow down the Astros and they FAILED again. This time it was Chad Green that STRUGGLED, so the Bullpen let down the team AGAIN as the Yankees LOST the first TWO games of the series.

Game 3: This series had been TERRIBLE for the Yankees but it got WORST on Wednesday night as James Paxton CONTINUED to struggle this season, this was his THIRD start since joining the Yankees and he has been TERRIBLE in all three and that has to be ALARMING for the Spreadsheet NERDS that thought he was going to be the No. 2 starter in the rotation.

The Yankees made things INTERESTING late in the game, pulling to within ONE in the EIGHTH, but the Astros scored a run in the BOTTOM of the inning and went on to 8-6.

This series was a DISASTER for the Yankees, there is NO other way to put it. The Bullpen was TERRIBLE for them and that is something I did NOT see coming, since they were the heralded as the BEST bullpen ever assembled and them blowing TWO games against a World Series contender is just UNACCEPTABLE.

The offense put up ENOUGH runs to WIN in all three games but the bullpen in the first TWO and then Paxton on Wednesday night were AWFUL and that is something that has to get FIXED for the Yankee right away.

There are some RUMORS out there that Gary Sanchez is going on the DL because of an oblique ISSUE, but at the time of me writing this blog on Friday, nothing has been announced OFFICIALLY so that is still a SWIRLING cause of DISTRESS for Yankee fans.

On Wednesday it was announced that Luis Severino suffered a lat injury and is going to be SHUT DOWN for SIX weeks, so I would be SHOCKED if we see him before August and that is a BIG reason to PANIC for the Yankees to LOSE their BEST pitcher for THREE months of the season.

This weekend, the Chicago White Sox come to town and it is an ALMOST MUST SWEEP for the Yankees before the Boston Red Sox come to town on Monday.


Game 1: Tonight- JA Happ vs Lucas Giolito

Game 2: Saturday Afternoon- CC Sabathia vs Ivan Nova

Game  3: Sunday Afternoon- Masahiro Tanaka vs Carlos Rodon

The FIRST batch of players getting healthy will happen on Saturday when CC makes his season DEBUT at the Stadium.




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