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The Yankees went to Baltimore and THREW the PANIC button OUT of the window

I am having a TON of fun watching the Yankees again

The OPENING homestand got off to a HORRIBLE start for the New York Yankees, but they went to Baltimore to take on the Orioles this weekend and came away with their FIRST sweep of the season and really DOMINATED the series. They had SOUTH to take on the Houston Astros for a THREE game series this weekend against BY FAR the BEST team they have played THUS FAR this season.

Yankees- Orioles Series RECAP-

There is NO way to put it other than the series against the O’s was MUST WIN for the Yankees. Throughout the FIRST week of the season, they were getting KILLED by HORRIBLE teams and BLEEDING with a TON of injuries, NEITHER of that happened this weekend and Gleyber Torres got the party started on Thursday afternoon. The Orioles were DOMINATING the game on Thursday and it looked like the Yankees’ WOES were going to continue but Gleyber had other ideas.

That home run was HUGE for the Yankees as they were STILL sleep walking but that home run by Gleyber really WOKE them up.

James Paxton took the mound for the Yankees on Thursday and after giving up THREE home runs in the FIRST inning, he really CALMED down and took command of the game in only his SECOND start of the game.

Luke Voit SNAPPED his COLD streak with a THREE-run home run of his own in the NINTH to help the Yankees get 8-4 WIN on Thursday afternoon.

After the SCHEDULED off day on Friday, the Yankees faced their TOUGHEST battle of the season: WINNING when I am in attendance at Camden Yards. I have been to Yankee games in Baltimore and BOTH times they have had the lead at ONE point in the game, but LOST in heartbreaking fashion, including a WALK-OFF hit so the cards were stacked AGAINST on Saturday but Aaron Judge got things going EARLY with his FIRST home run of the game.

Judgie added ANOTHER homerun in the THIRD inning to give the Yankees a 3-1 lead in the game for JA Happ who was GOOD early on Saturday. Happ made way for Jonathan Holder and he made things INTERESTING in the SIXTH allowing TWO baserunners before being taken out of the game.

Holder should have NEVER started the inning and Adam Ottavino should have came in for a CLEAN inning but Aaron Boone and the Spreadsheet NERDS thought it was OK for Holder to come into the inning and it BIT them in the ass.

The Orioles scored TWO runs in the inning and took a 4-3 lead going into the EIGHTH. I was having FLASHBACKS of my HORRORS at Camden Yards and was DISCUSSING putting a BAN on myself of NOT going to Yankee games at Camden Yards but Clint Frazier did NOT want me to do that.

After a couple of BONEHEADED decisions in the top of the EIGHTH inning with the bases LOADED and Gary Sanchez getting picked off AND not trying to STEAL home on a WILD PITCH, Clint Frazier had the SIGNATURE moment of his Yankee career thus far.

That home run by Clint really AWOKE the Yankees and I got to see the Yankees WIN for the FIRST time in Baltimore and the Yankees were going for the SWEEP on Sunday.

The BIG problem for the Yankees last season was NOT having the KILLER instinct and sleepwalking the FINAL game of the series when they had WON the first TWO. Sunday was the FIRST opportunity this season to see if things had CHANGED and I can CONFIRM that they have for sure, thanks to Gary Sanchez who is PROVING that his TERRIBLE season last year was just a FLUKE.

The Yankees hit SEVEN home runs on Sunday and went on to SWEEP the series against the Orioles.

Before the start of the season, I had said that the Yankees should go 7-2 or 6-3 at the WORST in their first NINE games of the season against the TWO worst teams in baseball. They went 5-4 during that stretch, which is NOT great but I would much rather have it be that they started 2-4 and then went 5-4 rather than 4-2 and END 5-4.

They got BIG contributions from Clint Frazier the last TWO days and that was a NICE change. Frazier had been STRUGGLING with INJURIES to start his career, but it looks like those are PAST him and he is HERE to stay for the Yankees.

Sanchie was GREAT all series, he ended the series with FOUR home runs to increase his season total to SIX, which leads the American League. Gary really STRUGGLED last season, through the first 1.5 weeks of the season, he looks like the FRONTRUNNER for the AL Comeback Player of the Year award.

Now the Yankees take on the Astros, which is a whole NEW ballgame than the Tigers and the O’s. The Astros played in the last TWO ALCS, including WINNING the World Series in 2017, so they are a team the Yankees will have to get THROUGH if they want to WIN the World Series this season. It is going to be a GREAT battle between two GOOD teams this week starting with a Pitcher’s DUEL later today.


Game ONE: Tonight- Justin Verlander vs Masahiro Tanaka

Game TWO: Tuesday Night- Gerrit Cole vs Jonathan Loaisiga

Game THREE: Wednesday Night- Collin McHugh vs James Paxton

While the Yankees CURED their WOES this weekend, the Boston Red Sox CONTINUE to STRUGGLE so the Bronx Bombers need to build a CUSHION atop the AL East.


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