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On Second Thought, I am FULLY PANICKING about the Yankees

Someone just come and SERIOUSLY injure me please

The Yankees have played just SIX games this season, which is LESS THAN 4% of the regular season, but I have ALREADY found the PANIC button and will ABOUT to press it. During their FIRST homestand of the season, they went 2-4 against TERRIBLE teams and MOST of their roster is on the DL with just ONE week into the season. They head to Baltimore to take on the Orioles this weekend and SAVE their season.

There is NO way to do a FULL recap of their series against the Detroit Tigers, other than the fact that EVERYONE on the roster was TERRIBLE and they have a TON of issues to fix going into this weekend. They struck out EIGHTEEN times on Wednesday and that is just UNACCEPTABLE for a team that EXPECTS to WIN the World Series this season.

They made the Tigers look like the GREATEST pitching staff assembled scoring just TWO runs in EIGHTEEN innings and I do NOT think the issues are going to be FIXED anytime soon.

As the Yankees CONTINUE to disappoint on the field, the injuries are PILING UP off of it. Since Monday, they have LOST Miguel Andujar (OUT INDEFINITELY) and Troy Tulowitzki (OUT FOR ATLEAST A MONTH) and had HICCUPS with Luke Voit. I am NOT surprised with the Tulo injury since he missed ALL of last season and a LOT of 2017 due to injuries but the Miggy injury is BIG.

The REINFORCEMENTS for the Yankees are NOT as good as their ORIGINAL roster obviously, but those guys NEED to EXCEL that what is on the BACK of their baseball card or else the Bronx might ACTUALLY BURN. The Yankees NEED to stay HEALTHY this season and win some DAMN games.

I called Monday’s game an ALMOST MUST WIN and they WON that game, so I am going ahead and calling this series an ALMOST MUST WIN, which means they are DEFINITELY getting SWEPT.


Game 1: Today LATE Afternoon- Alex Cobb vs James Paxton

Game 2: Saturday Night- TBA vs JA Happ

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- TBA vs Domingo German

I will be going to the games on Saturday and Sunday and IF the Yankees continue to be TERRIBLE, do NOT be shocked if you see a headline on Monday reading, “Man KILLS himself in his seats at Camden Yards”, just do NOT be shocked.


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