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The Yankees have played THREE games and I am ALREADY panicking…

How do you LOSE to the Orioles…the Orioles?

The MLB season has started for the New York Yankees and through the FIRST series of the season, there is already PANIC in the Bronx as they lost TWO out of three to the Baltimore Orioles, who are the WORST team in baseball according to most. Things HAVE TO get fixed for the Yankees this week when they take on the Detroit Tigers as INJURIES continue to PILE UP for them.

Yankees-Orioles RECAP:

Game 1- The Yankees got off to a GREAT start as Luke Voit showed to the world that his GREAT run last season was NOT a fluke.

The Yankees CRUISED to a 7-2 win on Opening Day over the WORST team in baseball but EVERYTHING went downhill from there.

Masahiro Tanaka was the Opening Day starter and he got the job done for the Bombers.

After the SCHEDULED off day on Friday, the Yankees RESUMED their season on Saturday against the O’s.

Game 2- The Yankees had the table set AGAIN in the first inning, but they COULD NOT get a run and that was the theme for the REST of the weekend. They left a TON of men on base, allowing the O’s to get into the game and they CONVERTED and WON the game 5-2, which meant the Yankees were NOT going to go 196-2 this season.

James Paxton made his Yankee debut on Saturday and he was NOT bad, but the expectations on him are NOT to be AVERAGE, he has to be GREAT for the rest of the season.

Game 3- Looking to 161-1 in the regular season, the Yankees were looking to WIN the series against the Orioles and after rain DELAYED the game for THREE hours, the bats did NOT show up for the Yankees. They managed to score FOUR runs on a two-run single by Aaron Judge and a home run by Gary Sanchez but they looked DEAD against the WORST team in baseball.

J.A. Happ took the mound for the Yankees and he was TERRIBLE on Sunday. He gave up a THREE-run home run in the FIRST inning and STRUGGLED to pitch just FOUR innings. I was NOT a fan of the Yankees bringing him back as I think we caught a Lightning in a bottle at the END of last season but I HOPE that I am WRONG on this take.

Things were already TERRIBLE for the Bombers and it got WORSE on Monday morning, when they announced that Giancarlo Stanton was hitting Disabled List (never calling it the IL) due to a biceps issue. Stanton was TERRIBLE in the series against the O’s so I am NOT shocked to see that he is on the DL.

Between Judge and Stanton, they had a TON of at-bats with runners on-base and outside of the two-run single by Judgie yesterday when the team was down 4-1. They BOTH had so many strike outs this weekend and they NEED to get the ball IN PLAY if they want to WIN this season.

The ONLY player that gets NO blame for this past weekend is DJ LeMahieu (will be referred to as DJLM from now on because I do NOT want to BUTCHER his name), he was GREAT all weekend getting TIMELY hits and MORE players on the team have to use his approach this season.

Looking ahead to the Tigers this week, who are among the WORST teams in baseball so they need to POUNCE on them. I said last week, that the Yankees need to go 7-2 in their first NINE game against the Orioles and the Tigers. They are 1-2 through the first THREE games so they have to go 5-1 the rest of the way.


Game 1: Tonight- Domingo German (opener) vs Tyson Ross

Game 2: Tuesday Night- Masahiro Tanaka vs Jordan Zimmermann

Game 3: Wednesday LATE Afternoon- TBD vs Matthew Boyd

The Yankees NEED to DOMINATE this week so tonight’s game is ALMOST a must-win game for them and they are going with opener strategy with their MEGA Bullpen.


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