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32 different Previews of the Season OPENING series between the Yankees and the Orioles

I feel like a NEW man with baseball in the air

We have made it, we WILL HAVE baseball later today in the Bronx. The Yankees will take on the Baltimore Orioles to begin their 2019 season this afternoon. The Orioles were the WORST team in baseball last season, so the Yankees need to PAD their record with some EARLY season wins this weekend.

The FIRST nine games of the season for the Yankees are against the Orioles and the Detroit Tigers who were the TWO worst teams in baseball last season, so the Yankees SHOULD go 7-2 or better in those games. They are going to BATTLE the Boston Red Sox ALL season for the division, so they HAVE TO dominate from the gecko this season.

This weekend the Yankees will send their REGULAR 2-3-4 starters with the INJURY to Luis Severino and they NEED to come out FLYING this week and begin their journey to their 28th World Series.

PITCHING Probables

Game 1: Tonight- Masahiro Tanaka vs Andrew Cashner

Game 2: Saturday Afternoon- James Paxton vs Nate Karns

Game 3: Sunday Afternoon- J.A. Happ vs Dylan Bundy

This is it for the Yankees, the 162 game MARATHON begins today and we will see if they are the LAST team standing at the END of 2019 season.


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