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2019 Yankees Season Preview

The LONG days of Winter are FINALLY over

It is Opening day around baseball and the Yankees will be playing their FIRST game of the season in about THREE hours at Yankee Stadium. This is a BRIEF preview of what I think they will do this season as they look to WIN their 28th World Series Championship.

Offensively, the Yankees have the BEST offense in baseball. The TRIO of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, AND Gary Sanchez should hit ONE HUNDRED TWENTY Home Runs this season and that is JUST the beginning for this offense.

Role players like Aaron Hicks when he gets HEALTHY and the first baseman are going to be GREAT complements to that TOP trio as we see how Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres perform in their SECOND season in the Majors.

There are going to be some VALUABLE contributions made from the likes of Troy Tulowitzki and DJ not going to spell his last name and other bench players. Offense is NOT going to be the BIG issue for the Yankees, their BIG issue is going to be on the mound to START the game.

The Starting rotation is IDEAL on paper on the Opening Day but they have some injuries to start the season with Luis Severino and CC Sabathia. Masahiro Tanaka is the Opening Day starter replacing Sevy and Tanaka needs to have a GREAT season this year as the number TWO on this staff, his elbow can BLOW up at any point, so he needs to get his BEST out there before the arm falls off.

James Paxton and J.A. Happ are in similar territory because this is their first FULL seasons in the Bronx and BOTH have HIGH expectations as the MIDDLE starters in the rotation. The stakes are RAISED to the HIGHEST degree when you dawn the Pinstripes so we will see if these guys are going to be GREAT with the Yankees or be like Sonny Gray.

There are going to be OTHER pitchers that make SPOT starts throughout the season and the Yankees NEED those guys to hold serve, while they are on the mound and let the FRONT end starters to DOMINATE and win a TON of games.

The equation is PRETTY simple for the Yankee Bullpen in 2019, if MOST of the reliever perform to the stats on the BACK of their baseball cards, the 2019 Yankees will have the BEST Bullpen assembled in MLB HISTORY.

Overall for the team, there are BIG expectations with fans CRAVING for that 28th ring. I think that they have the roster to make a run and I would consider this season a DISAPPOINTMENT if the Yankees are NOT in the ALCS at the END of the season. Those are some LOFTY expectations but since 2013, the Yankees Front Office has been SELLING the fanbase that the RETUNING will be over in 2018 and they will go for the World Series in 2019 and that is EXACTLY why I think they HAVE TO be among the BEST teams in baseball this season.

I will have a Series preview dropping later today, which is more specific on the Yankees OPENING series against the Baltimore Orioles but we have MADE IT and Baseball is here folks.


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