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The WORST World Series pick on the internet

I have NO idea why I continue to make predictions, even though I am TERRIBLE at them

We are LESS than 24 hours away from Opening Day around the MLB and that is the PERFECT time for me to make my World Series pick that is going to be WRONG. To RECAP, the last TWO seasons of me running this blog, I picked the New York Mets over the Texas Rangers in 2017 and the Washington Nationals over the Cleveland Indians in 2018. NEITHER of those four teams made it to the Fall Classic, so you can I am TERRIBLE at making predictions and do NOT know why I continue to do them, but in the wise words of Whitesnake, HERE I GO AGAIN.

My FIVE AL teams are the Yankees, the Astros, the Indians, the Red Sox, and the Angels and my FIVE teams in the NL are the Cubs, the Dodgers, the Phillies, the Cardinals, AND the Braves, let’s get going with the WORST predictions ever.

In the TWO Wild Card games, I have the Red Sox and the Cardinals winning and they advance to play the Yankees and the Cubs respectively.

In the ALDS, I have the Yankees DEFEATING the Red Sox AND the Astros DEFEATING the Indians, so the ALCS will be a REMATCH of 2017 when the Yankees face the Astros.

In the NLDS, I have the Cubs BEATING the Cardinals AND the Phillies BEATING the Dodgers to set up a NLCS date between the Cubs and the Phillies.

This is where I start playing MENTAL games with myself because #TheAviMehtaCurse LOOMS large over the teams I pick to go the World Series, so I am going to go ahead and pick the Astros to DEFEAT (wink wink) the Yankees and go to World Series for the SECOND time in THREE years.

In the NLCS, the Phillies will stretch it to SEVEN games against the Cubs, but Chicago will be VICTORIOUS in the end and it will be an OLD NL Central matchup between the Astros and the Cubs in the Fall Classic.

The Astros and the Cubs is a GREAT matchup in the World Series and it is going to go SEVEN games with the Cubs winning their SECOND Championship this decade and there will be a parade in Chicago in EARLY November.

There it is, #TheAviMehtaCurse has struck on the Cubs AND the Astros, so I will like to APOLOGIZE to those fanbases and the race between the other 28 teams is ON to WIN the 2019 World Series.


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