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2019 National League Preview and Picks

I watched ZERO National League games last year, so this blog should be INTERESTING to say the least…

We move to the preview of the Junior circuit, I do NOT watch much National League games, so this is going to be BRIEF compared to the American League yesterday. I will have the FIVE Playoff teams and lead up to the World Series picks this season.

National League Seed 1: The NL Central Winner: The Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have the MOST talent in the SENIOR circuit and I think that this is the year that they DEMOLISH the NL Central and are the TOP team in the league. Their offense is OUTSTANDING and they can OUTHIT some of their issues in the pitching depth.

National League Seed 2: The NL West Winner: The Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are far and away the BEST team in the West. They went to the World the past TWO seasons and will have a GREAT chance to get their AGAIN this season if they can stay HEALTHY.

National League Seed 3: The NL East Winner: The Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are going ALL IN with their BIG offseason signings. They HAVE TO win the division this year and do some DAMAGE in the Postseason or else it was NOT worth it for them. Bryce Harper is going to DRIVE them to the Playoffs this season.

National League Seed 4: Wild Card 1: The St. Louis Cardinals

I have NO real reason to pick the Cardinals to be in the Wild Card spot other than the fact that I LOVE Paul Goldschmidt and that is the ONLY reason.

National League Seed 5: Wild Card 2: The Atlanta Braves

They have a TON of talent on the roster so they are an ELITE team. The Braves were in the postseason last year and they have ENOUGH talent to get back there this season.

That is the look at the National League, as I said I do NOT watch any National League games, so these picks are just COMPLETE guesses and that is why this blog is so SHORT.


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