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March Madness Day THREE picks

One word to describe this tournament thus far: BORING

The FIRST round of the NCAA tournament is over and we have NOT gotten a TON of UPSETS this year which has made this tournament a SNOOZEFEST. The SECOND round begins today and hopefully we have some UPSETS today and really have some Madness.

Day TWO recap:

UPSETS that I CORRECTLY predicted: 9 Seed UCF over 8 Seed VCU AND 11 Seed Ohio State over 6 Seed Iowa State.

UPSETS that I did NOT see coming: 13 Seed UC-Irvine over 4 Seed Kansas State, 12 Seed Oregon over 5 Seed Wisconsin, AND 12 Seed Liberty over 5 Seed Mississippi State

UPSETS that I predicted but did NOT happen: 9 Seed Wisconsin over 8 Seed Utah State

Looking ahead to day THREE of the tournament, I do NOT see any real UPSETS today as the TOP seeds hold serve and advance to the Sweet SIXTEEN. It is BORING to go CHALK in the tournament but this year has been BORING so far.


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