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March Madness Day TWO picks

Better LATE than NEVER as they say

Editor’s Note: Hand UP… I did NOT release this blog before the FIRST slate of games and I am on pace to go 4-0 on those picks, so I will eat CROW on that, but there are still TWELVE games remaining the rest of the day, so I have more picks for you.

We have SURVIVED day ONE of March Madness, but the battle has JUST begun as we move into day TWO and more picks for everyone out there. I went 14-2 in the games yesterday, including winning FOURTEEN straight at one point. Remember, if I do NOT pick an UPSET in a game, that means that I am riding with the FAVORITE in that game.

Taking out the FIRST FOUR games of today, there are now 12 games in today’s slate and I have MORE upsets for you and going to make you a TON of money.

Day ONE recap:

UPSETS that I CORRECTLY predicted: 12 seed Murray State over 5 seed Marquette AND 10 seed Florida over 7 seed Nevada.

UPSETS that I did NOT predict: 10 seed Minnesota over 7 seed Louisville AND 9 seed Baylor over 8 seed Syracuse.

I had Iowa and Oklahoma as TWO of my upset picks today but they will NOT count towards my record, but here are the OTHER upsets for the REST of today.

UPSET picks for the REST of Day TWO:

9 seed UCF over 8 seed VCU

11 seed Ohio State over Iowa State

Those are my picks for the rest of the day, come back tomorrow for my picks on Day THREE of the NCAA Tournament.


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