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I am going to LOSE a TON of money over the next TWO days…

The MINIMAL net worth I had is going DOWN even more.

This is it, we have made it. It is March Madness season and that means only ONE thing, I am going to LOSE a TON of money, and you can make a TON of money by FADING the picks.

This is my THIRD year doing March Madness picks and since NOBODY reads this website, I am going to do a BRIEF recap of what I do, I pick UPSETS for each day’s action, so basically I am picking EVERY game of the tournament. I am usually HORRIBLE with my picks so go ahead and FADE me and become RICH at my EXPENSE.

Without further ado, these are my UPSET picks of today’s action. (For the sake of these picks, an UPSET is when the HIGHER seed beats the LOW seed, REGARDLESS of the spread)

12 Seed Murray State vs 5 Seed Marquette

10 Seed Florida vs 7 Seed Nevada

Those are the TWO upsets I see happening today, come back here tomorrow to see my UPSETS for tomorrow’s games and let’s just say I have a TON more than today.


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