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The Yankees are going to hit SO MANY home runs this season, it is going to be OUTRAGEOUS

I do know what the over/under for Yankee Team Home Runs This Season” is, but I am HAMMERING the OVER

From Getty Images

Spring Training has STARTED down in Florida and the Yankee batters have BROUGHT their bats with them to Steinbrenner Field. Today was the really the FIRST day that we saw ALL the Opening Day hitters playing TOGETHER and the game started off GREAT with Back to Back DINGERS from Gardy and Judge.

The Home Run party was just starting as BOTH hit ANOTHER ONE later in the game and Gary Sanchez also JOINED the party in Tampa Bay, as Luke Voit hit a DINGER in Dunedin against Toronto in some SPLIT-SQUAD action today.

The Yankees hit the MOST home runs of ANY team in MLB history last season and that was with Giancarlo Stanton and Sanchez having DOWN years and Judge missing a Month and a HALF. With ALL THREE being HEALTHY and IN FORM this season, the SKY is the limit for the Yankees and they could EASILY be the first team EVER to hit 400 home runs.

We are a week into Spring Training and just LESS than FOUR weeks away from Opening Day, it is so CLOSE, we can see it. I am going to have a TON of different previews for the baseball season dropping later this month as we get ready for the 2019 season and the Yankees’ pursuit of their 28th World Series. So STAY TUNED.


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