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Hello DARKNESS my old friend, the Patriots have won AGAIN

Does a Super Bowl count if there are NO highlights coming out of it?

From the Telegraph (UK)

In one of the most ANTICLIMACTIC and BORING games in recent memory, the New England Patriots DEFEAT the Los Angeles Rams to win Super Bowl 53, SIXTH in franchise history which TIES them with the Pittsburgh Steelers for MOST in NFL history. Tom Brady also becomes the FIRST and ONLY player in NFL history to win SIX Super Bowls and every thing is coming UP for the New England area.

This game started out really SLOW for both offenses. The game was SCORELESS until the about TEN minutes left in the SECOND quarter when the Pats scored a field goal.

The FIRST and ONLY touchdown of the game came with SEVEN minutes left in the game when the Pats scored to take a 10-3 lead and the Pats added ANOTHER Field Goal LATE in the game to go on to WIN Super Bowl 53 with the FINAL score of 13-3.

The Rams were OUTCOACHED and OUTPLAYED on offense. I thought that the LACK of experience would come back and BITE the Rams but they NEVER got in sync on offense, but defensively they were EXCEPTIONAL. Anytime you RESTRICT your opposition to just THIRTEEN points, you are EXPECTING to WIN, but the Rams LOST by TEN.

Sean McVay is considered an offensive GENIUS around the NFL, but he had a TERRIBLE game on Sunday. He made NO adjustments in the game and there HAS to be something wrong with Todd Gurley, because the Rams have been SHYING away from using him in the last TWO games and he is the BEST player on their team. The Future is BRIGHT in Los Angeles for the YOUNG Rams, but tonight was the WRONG time for them to have their WORST game of the season against the now SIX-time Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

The Pats did NOT have a good game on offense, but Bill Belichick did a GREAT job in SLOWING down the high powering Rams’ offense and that was the DIFFERENCE in this game. They played a COMPLETE game on defense and special teams like the Rams and had ONE drive that was great, while the Rams NEVER got that big drive.

I HATE the Pats more than ANYONE in the world, but I have gotten to the point where I have GIVEN UP fighting against them. They are the GREATEST Sports DYNASTY in the Modern era and I HOPE that this the LAST game for Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and others, but it is NOT going to be, because they are going to CONTINUE tormenting me for the REST of my life.

I am MISERABLE right now and I would NOT mind the Yankees announcing that they signed Manny Machado and Bryce Harper right about now to EASE the pain. That is the ONLY thing that is keeping me going as a sports fan.


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