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Super Bowl 53 Pick

One LAST time to make money for EVERYONE

There have been 266 games this season but the ONLY game that matters is the one on Super Bowl Sunday in Atlanta. STOP me if you heard this before but the Pats are in the Super Bowl for what seems like the TENTH straight season. This time around, the Rams will be the team they will taking on. I am batting 60% going into the Super Bowl and you better believe I am going ALL IN on the Super Bowl, so ENJOY the LAST opportunity to make a TON of money this football season. I just SHED a tear.

Championship Weekend Recap:

Game 1: Saints (-3.5) vs Rams: My Pick- Saints, Actual- Rams WIN

Game 2: Chiefs (-3.5) vs Pats: My Pick- Pats, Actual- Pats WIN

Record for Championship Weekend: 1-1, Overall record for the 2018 season: 69-45

The ONLY game this week is the Rams vs the Pats.

Super Bowl 53: Sunday Evening: The Los Angeles Rams vs the New England Patriots (Atlanta) (Line- Pats -2.5)

The Rams have a HIGH FIRING offense and caused the UPSET in New Orleans over the Saints to play in the BIG game. They are a COMPLETE team and SHOULD be a SLAM DUNK pick to win this game but the ONLY thing holding them back is their LACK of experience in the LAST game of the NFL season. The Rams are a YOUNG team with a 33 year old head coach and the Super Bowl comes down ONE or TWO plays in the fourth quarter, can their YOUNG players NOT make BONEHEADED decisions to COST the Rams? That is my BIG key for them.

The Super Bowl has become the NORM in New England and EVEN THOUGH they were NOT a great time in the Regular Season, they turned ON the gears in the Playoffs and had TWO big wins to make it to the Peach State. The Pats have a TON of experience on their side and that is a BIG benefit for them on Sunday. Tom Brady has the MOST Super Bowl wins of ANY player in NFL history and with a WIN on Sunday he will TIE the Steelers franchise with SIX Super Bowl win by HIMSELF. I have BROKEN it down to a FINE powder and here is my pick below.

I have picked 114 games this season going into Super Bowl weekend, but ALL of those picks do NOT matter if I go 0-2 ALL TIME in picking the Super Bowl winner in the HISTORY of this website. I have a LOT on the line on Sunday and that is why I am going to RIDE with the SAFEST bet in sports, which is the Pats and the OVER.

I am DARING the CURSE gods to lay #TheAviMehtaCURSE on the Pats for the SECOND straight year, but I do NOT think that is going to happen, the Pats will DOMINATE this game and go one to WIN their SIXTH Super Bowl in franchise history. HOPEFULLY Brady and Belichick will be SATISFIED and RETIRE after the season making way for the Jets to TAKE OVER in the AFC East but that is NOT going to happen anytime soon.

I had a GREAT time picking games this season and have been making my readers a TON of money and looking forward to RETURNING this segment next year.


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