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It has been a BUSY off season in the Bronx, but NOT busy according to SOME Yankee fans

The CASH man needs to get on the phone and start DEALING again

The New York Yankees won a 100 game and made it to the ALDS last season, with their BEST player missing the LAST two months of the season, so some would say that it was a SUCCESS right? If you ask some Yankee fans, they would say that LAST season was a FAILURE, but I DISAGREE with them and have moved onto 2019 now.

Thus far this offseason, the Yankees have RESIGNED J.A. Happ and Zach Britton as well as signing Troy Tulowitzki, D.J. LeMahieu, AND Adam Ottavino. They also TRADED Sonny Gray to the Reds to END the long NIGHTMARE that was him on the Yankees but the fans want the team to be AGGRESSIVE in free agency and sign TOP players like Manny Machado OR Bryce Harper.

Happ and Britton were GREAT after joining the team around the Trade Deadline and I think it was SMART for the Yankees to bring them back and get a FULL season out of them.

The Tulo signing is BRILLIANT because it is of NO cost to them as he is getting paid the veterans MINIMUM by the Yankees, which is probably the same amount they generate from a SELL-OUT at Yankee Stadium. He is a SHELL of the player he was in his prime, but he can provide his EXPERIENCE to the YOUNG infielders in the room like Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar and ANY production they get out of him is a BONUS.

DJ is going to be the PLATOON guy for the Yankees as he is able to play EVERY field position. He is going to play a LOT this season, giving the EVERYDAY players some days OFF, which will IMPROVE their performance as well.

The BIG signing of the offseason thus far was obviously Ottavino who was the BEST relief pitcher still available. The Yankees have designed a MEGA bullpen and their starting rotation only has to give them FIVE innings, which will allow for guys like Sabathia and Tanaka to be RESTED for the Pennant races. I have NOT watched Ottavino pitch a lot, but from EVERYTHING I have read, he seems like a GREAT fit for the Yankees. Now let’s talk about the TWO elephants in the room.

I LOVE the signings by them thus far and I think they IMPROVED from last season already with those signings, but I would like them to throw their HAT into the Machado and Harper sweepstakes, and I DO think that BEFORE the START of Spring Training, they will have SIGNED one of those guys.

I think that Manny Machado and his agents have made it CLEAR to the Yankees that they are his TOP choice to sign, while the Steinbrenner family and Brian Cashman have told him that they would LOVE to sign him.

The DELAY in the process of Machado dawning the Pinstripes is pretty SIMPLE in my opinion and that is that the Yankees do NOT want to get BURNED by setting the price market for him. There is a LONG list of players that the Yankees have signed that were considered to be OVERPAID by outsiders like Alex Rodriguez’s SECOND contract and Jacoby Ellsbury, so I think they are being more CAUTIOUS with this year’s free agency and want OTHER teams to SET the market for free agents.

As SOON as ANOTHER team gives Machado an ACTUAL offer, I think he will PRESENT that offer to the Yankees, who will give him a slightly BETTER contract and we will have the INTRODUCTORY Press Conference in Tampa the NEXT day. I am WAITING on the other TWENTY NINE teams in the MLB to EXPEDITE the Machado sweepstakes and I think that he WILL end up in the Bronx.

When it comes to Harper, I do NOT think that he is on the TOP of the Yankees’ WISH list and the ONLY way he jumps UP that list is if Machado does NOT sign with them and it is a SIMILAR situation to 2014 when the Yankees signed Ellsbury when they MISSED out on Robinson Cano.

Those were MY thoughts on what has been happening in the Bronx right now and HOPEFULLY we will have MORE answers in the NEXT couple of weeks.


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