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Mariano Rivera can add “First EVER unaniMOus Hall of Famer” to his resume

The GOAT reaching NEW levels

It is now OFFICIAL, what we all thought was going to be a POSSIBILITY when 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class was going to be announced, Mariano Rivera got 100% of the votes by the baseball writers. I am stating the OBVIOUS here, but he DESERVED to be the FIRST unanimous Hall of Famer.

Rivera is BY FAR he is the BEST player EVER at his position and there are people that consider him to be the MAIN reason of the Yankees’ DYNASTY in the LATE 1990’s and the 2000’s. A FIVE-time World Series CHAMPION, Mo was AUTOMATIC in the Postseason and EVERYTIME Enter Sandman was played at Yankee Stadium, the Yankee Nation knew that the REST of the game was just a FORMALITY as the Yankees were going to WIN.

The Yankees Scouting Department found him on the beaches of Panama and ended up becoming the BEST player of this generation. The Yankees have a PLETHORA of ALL-TIME GREATS but one can ARGUE that Mo is the BEST of them all.

Rivera is going to be the LAST person EVER to wear the number 42 as the number is now RETIRED in honor of Jackie Robinson, but Rivera was ALLOWED to wear the number by Robinson’s family due to his work in the community.

There are going to CRITICS coming out over the next day or two that are going to say that because Babe Ruth and Ted Williams were NOT unanimous Hall of Famers, Rivera did NOT deserve to be the FIRST.

That argument is the STUPIDEST argument of all time because the writers during that time took themselves TOO seriously and I am GLAD that was NOT the case this year. I would like to get OFF their HIGH horses when it comes to voting for players connected to the Steroid era and let IN guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, eventually making way for my FAVORITE baseball player, Alex Rodriguez when is ELIGIBLE in a COUPLE of years.

The SOLE purpose of the Baseball Hall of Fame is to tell the story of baseball and that CANNOT be said without including guys like Bonds, Clemens, A-Rod, and Pete Rose, who is BANNED for gambling on baseball. I HOPE that the next generation of baseball writers off the gates of the Hall of Fame for those guys and we can CELEBRATE the game of baseball.

Cooperstown, New York is going to be FLOODED with Yankee fans this summer and they SHOULD just buy houses in the area as it is now time for Derek Jeter to be INDUCTED into the Hall as his FIRST year of eligibility is going to be in 2020.

I can ARGUE all day that Jeets also DESERVES to be UNANIMOUS but I do NOT think that he is going to get in with 100% of the votes. EITHER way the next two summers are going to be BIG for Yankee fans as the COUR FOUR DYNASTY is going to be CELEBRATED, while the CURRENT team tries to build a DYNASTY of their own, but MORE on that coming TOMORROW.


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