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The Rams are my FAVORITE team in the NFL, I have always said that…

Long live Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner

Just about TWENTY hours after Championship Sunday, I can say that BOTH games yesterday were among the BEST games in NFL HISTORY. The FIRST game is going to be OVERSHADOWED by BAD officiating but it was a GREAT game and the SECOND game lived up to the HYPE even though the result was NOT what I wanted. After ALL the dust had SETTLED on Championship Weekend, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will be facing off in Atlanta for Super Bowl 53.

The New Orleans Saints were DOMINATING the NFC Championship game, up 13-0 and about to get the ball BACK to turn the game into a BLOWOUT. The Rams took a GAMBLE at that point and TIED the game and went on to WIN the game in OVERTIME.

The ONLY thing that STOOD OUT from that game was the NON CALL on Pass Interference in the FOURTH quarter that would have HELPED the Saints KILL the clock, which the NFL admitted that they MESSED up on. That was TERRIBLE officiating by the officials and DIRECTLY resulted in the Saints staying at HOME for the Super Bowl. EVEN THOUGH that call was TERRIBLE, the Saints were NOT aggressive early on in the game and BURY the Rams and that is why they LOST that game.

In the AFC Championship game, the Pats were DOMINATING the game against the Kansas City Chiefs but they could NOT kill them and the Chiefs came back to LEAD late in the game. The Pats had to come back and score a LATE touchdown to grab a THREE point lead, but the Chiefs scored a Field Goal to FORCE overtime. The Pats WON the coin toss and went onto to SCORE a touchdown and are heading to Atlanta, which has FORCED me to become the BIGGEST Rams fan in the world.

Now if we are in the TRUST tree, I think there is NO chance the Rams beat the Pats in the Super Bowl, but it is going to be FUN dreaming that for the next TWO weeks. CLOSE your eyes and IMAGINE the Rams beating the Pats, you CANNOT because it is NOT going to happen. I have ALREADY crowned the Pats as the Super Bowl champion and am looking forward to the TROPHY presentation but I need a DOG in the FIGHT for the Super Bowl so I am eating a TON of In-and-Out Burgers and become a Cali bro until Super Bowl Sunday.

Life has been MISERABLE for Yankees/Jets fans the last FOUR months, but it is going to get WORST in TWO weeks, but MAYBE that is the ROCK bottom for us. We will just have to find out I GUESS.


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